Ive just had some chicken and now I feel like crap!!!


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:( I have just had a nibble on a chicken breast, I didnt eat it all but I ate about a quarter of it!!

Im so peed off and angry with myself:mad: as I have done so well!!

I know what caused it and its not an excuse but we have been out shopping for the whole day and all i had was porridge, I was completely ravenous and just nibbled on the leftovers that I made for dinner.

I have only had my porridge, a chicken and mushroom soup and the chicken breast today.....

do you think this will kick me out of ketosis?

Day 10 and this is my first sin!!! Im soooooooo bloody annoyed with myself :(:break_diet:
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Hi Truffle! Don't panic, it'll do you no harm as it's pure protein. SSplus has chicken as part of its plan and probably more than you ate. Stop fretting! ;-)

Oh and by the way - don't forget to have your third shake - you need all the nutrients!!!!


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You'll be fine truffle - I ate a little chicken and lettuce on Wednesday just before I was due to be weighed (of all days) and I still lost 13lb and I'm still in ketosis


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That's not a sin, hun. Far from it.

The trouble with SS is that you can end up with all or nothing thinking (I know I can be particularly guilty of this!). But as Jaxie said, having a small amount of protein every day (and when I say small - I'm probably talking twice as much as what you ate, maybe even three times!) is part of SS+.

It's really hard not to feel like you've cheated - but you didn't, okay? And I agree you need to have your third shake - you need all the nutrients in it for SS to work properly.

Stop fretting hun! :hug99:


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S: 16st1lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Jaxie thanks hun, I will have my last shake but I feel incredibly guilty.

Laura, your post made me laugh, I hate KFC but their Advert just came on telly and it looked so yummy I very nearly dribbled lol.....

Stoke - 13lbs is amazing hun soooo well done!

Lily- I think that is my thinking - I am deffo all or nothing which is why i chose SS because to take food out the equation completely is definately the best route for me - i think that is why i feel so god damn awful!

I will have my last shake but I am not hungry and do feel terrible for having it!!

I will be fine, I think guilt / tiredness and hunger has hit me all at once and i am feeling a little bit down xxxx