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I've quit!!!!!

Hi Guys & Gals,

As shameful as it is i have given up...I was really determined at first and had been working myself up to doing it before i went on my hol in December but i simply cant do it ne more! So back to WW for me next week.....Hope you all do really well and thanks for the support through the week x x x
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I just cant cope with it ne more, i have been crying the most of the week. Ive been so tired and moody and to top it off as horrible as it sounds i was on the loo for about an hour last night in sooooo much pain :-(
sorry to hear that, good look at WW x


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Molly, don't feel bad, you have to find the right way for you. Everybody is different and how you chose to diet is entirely your choice, so don't be shameful!

Good luck with the WW hun...and pop in from time to time to let us know how you are getting on xxxx


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awww molly! Sounds like this diet really isnt for you - well done though for giving it a go :D Good luck with whatever you do next :D
well dont look at it as giving up, you are still on your journey, you've just decided to take a different route. not all diets suit everyone and sometimes you have to try these things to discover they're not for you.
you are more than welcome to join us over in the weight watchers section if you're going back to it, sounds like you've tried it before and think int might be more for you ?

Best of luck whatever you choose


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Thats great molly, yep everyone just has to find their zone and the right diet for you!!

I hope your a big loser on WW :D
Good luck on WW Molly, don't forget us and come on and let us know how you are getting on.

Sorry it didn't work out for you hun but there's absolutely no shame in that, it is super harsh. Good luck on WW!! :)

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I agree with mommyB you've got to find the one that suits, let us know how you're getting on. Goodluck. XX


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Hi Molly,

Best of luck with your weight loss journey and all the best with WW.

As everyone has already said, we have to find the diet that suits us best...

Love Mini xxx
dont worry you tried

hopefully ww is for you
sorry molly to hear that ya are leaving but dont feel bad about it, at the end of the day your health must come before anything else. This diet may not be for everyone, ya have to find what suits yourself and if ww is then so be it. Personally i think ya have been very brave for trying it out and admiting that its not for ya. I wish you every success on ww, please call back and let us know how ya get on. I know many other people on this forum who have done great on ww so I am sure ya will do just as good, gud luck


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never mind lovely, it is such a drastic diet, and its not something to take lightly, u will b fab on WW im sdure u will b the biggest looser! take care hun an best of luck xx

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