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I've sinned

:booboo: I commited the ultimate sin last night, my lovely husband was making homemade fried chips and homemade turkey burgers, I indulged and had one burger and a pile of yummy chips, this is the first time in 4 and a half months that I've strayed from the path and I'm hoping that I won't get the orange stuff, but fully prepard for it if I do.
I don't feel too bad, it was a one off and although it was yummy I have no urges to eat like that again for a while, I think I just needed to have something naughty for a change.
Anyway that was in the past and todays another day....homemade houmous, turkey ham and wholemeal toast for brunch (didn't fancy breakfast earlier).
Oh and yes I did take all my tablets yesterday so I am fully expecting orange stuff at some point.:sick0019:
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Oops! Hope it's not too horrible for you, it's something I dread happening too. Well done for going 4.5 months without breaking your "diet", that's really good.

PS Is houmous easy enough to make?
PS Is houmous easy enough to make?
It is when I make it Louise..ha ha, I just either open a can of chickpeas (no need to soak or cook) or soak a load over night (if they are the dried type) then cook for a couple of hours in water, then wiz the with a handblender along with a 15ml of oil (about a tablespoon), salt pepper , garlic and what ever else you want to season with until smooth then bobs your uncle...houmous,I know its got oil in it but your not having lots all at once, chickpeas are low in fat so its just your oil, a can will make up 4/5 really good portions.
when I make it I work it out to have approx 450 cals for the whole lot, and I've never looked at the fat content, but I've never had any problems with it (you know , the "orange" problem!!)


gunna be a fatty for ever
oh well! you have done fantastically well! whats a litttle tango! hehe

hope u r ok hun!

love katie


Gonna do it this time
Hi Skyegirl hope you don't get the orange effects.

I've had a terrible weekend. I had pringles, chinese, mince meat pies and well honestly I don't remember the rest. I am guessing I'll either have a gain or will stay the same this week but am like you drawing a line under it and will start again in the morning.

I usually love Christmas but am dreading it this year too many temptations in the way.



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how did it go???
once in a while is bound to happen to all of us eventually, ive already had the tango, my advise is i reakon it comes 12-18 hours after u sinned, in my experiences anyway lol.

had afew experiences wen i first started but im ok now lol

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