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I've switched from CD to SW and need a buddy


Skinny Soon ?!
After spending most of the last 4 months see sawing up and down the pounds on and off Sole Source, I've made the decision to give Cambridge a break for a while.

I enrolled at my local Slimming World and fingers crossed I will be able to stick to this and gradually loose a few more stone.

I know it will be slower than when I stuck to SS but I would rather loose a lb a week for £4.50 than carry on wasting £32.50 every week and not really making any progress.

So I am now enjoying planning my meals for the next week.

Anyone else out there doing SW and lost loads or got loads to loose? I would really like to find a SW buddie to share with.

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Good luck C i wish i was doing sw as it's a fab diet but it's just too slow for lil impatient me!!!

Enjoy it... i'm well jealous - i lost three stone on it a few years ago at about half a stone a month...


Skinny Soon ?!
Half a stone a month would suit me well! I guess I've been on CD since last March and lost a good chunk to get me going but I feel I'm just throwing money down the drain now.

Hopefully I will get on ok with SW - I found my old record book from 2 years ago when I was well over 20st.

Just hope I get a pound a week - that will do me at the moment


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Hopefully you will find the diet so easy as you're able to eat!!! I'm interested to see how you get on going from a VLCD to a "normal" diet...

Keep us posted... When are you starting?


Skinny Soon ?!
I went to the first meeting on Thursday and started Friday morning.

Fingers crossed!

You have done well haven't you! Well done.

I'm now off now to make a spagbol - except I will have sprouts rather than pasta - I love sprouts with mince, then the rest will go with the roast chicken I have for tomorrow. I bought a large one (tesco home delivery) and when it came it was the size of a small pig!

Still that will keep me in free food for a while. Just as well I never tire of chicken isn't it!
HI Champess,
I don't live too far from you in Ciren!

I too have swapped from CD to Slimming world in the last 2 weeks, Finding ot OK, not expecting huge losses though for a month or so, just keeping my weight steady is cool!

Hope all goes well!
No Way, very spookie!

Where do you work?

Maybe we can meet up in Tesco after work one day for a diet coke!

Yes that is one of my darlings, Miss Daisy!!!

I did CD on & off for a yr and a bit, mainly off though!

I am enjoying SW again, I did it 3 yrs ago and lost 3 stone and about the same amount when I was 21/22, many moons ago!!!



yeah champess totally know what you mean about being on/off sole sourcing, so i too changed over to slimming world.

Going to my first class on monday & i cant wait



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May I ask how you found the switch from CD to SW?

I too lost 4 1/2 stones on the SW diet in a period of 9 months a few years ago, I found this was a great diet and the sins a blessing if you followed the rules properly. I lost all will when my mum died, put on 2 1/2 stones then started CD to regain some discipline.

I am considering of switching back to SW end of April. Have you found that you have put weight on once starting SW due to the gylcogen stores? Or did you find that your weight maintained for a couple weeks before you lost weight?

Thanks. Curious slimmer.



Trying Hard!
I hope it goes really well. I did SW before we got married and lost 3.5 stone and managed to keep it off for several years. I always found it really easy and think that it'll probably be what I ease back onto when I get to my goal with CD, it's just a good way of eating!
I personnaly have found my weight has stablised since I have switched, I have put on about 1stone though since October but that was due to not following CD properly and not SSing, I did weight watchers for 3 weeks and found it didn't work for me, I prefer SW as I find it's easy to stick too and It doesn't require much thinking!
I am sticking to mainly red days as I love my meat but weekends are my worse!
I hope to maintain for the next 3 weeks as I am off to Florida in under 2 weeks and will kick start when I return and continue my journey.


Skinny Soon ?!
Hi Jemax

In answer to your question, I didn't really go straight from ss to SW. I basically had a week inbetween where I ate anything I wanted and put on quite a few pounds.

I was failing miserably to stick to ss so my glycogen stores were probably full anyhow by the time I went onto SW.

I would imagine if you were strictly ss then the best thing to do would be to go onto green to start with, have one healthy a and your 2 healthy b's, a moderate amount of fruit and veg then the rest would be basically protein. I should imagine as long as you eased yourself back into eating again, you might gain a pound or two in the first week (as water stored in the glycogen) but that would be perfectly normal.

I didn't want to see a gain on the scales at SW in the first week and that's why I went back to normal eating for a week before. I figured then my body would be more balanced and ready to start loosing again.

Not sure if this is correct but I would imagine the difference between SW and say the 1200 plan wouldn't be that much.


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Thanks Champess

I like the idea of starting on an even slate with all the glycogen stores back on. Then I can judge how much I'm losing and as you said not see a weight gain after the first week.


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I'm planning to doing SW once I have lost my weight on CD-to maintain,not to lose more.I am one of those people that will ALWAYS need the discipline of a diet or I will just gain back loads :(