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Green Day Jacket potato fillings

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Ellen.S, 20 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ellen.S

    Ellen.S Full Member

    Can any one help.

    I'm on a green day but getting bored if the usual potato fillings

    Can any one give me a new filling that's tasty n low/free syn

    Thanks in advance x
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  3. SkinnieMinnie

    SkinnieMinnie Full Member

    Chop some onions and garlic and fry them, add mushrooms and diced pepper, maybe some sweetcorn (anything really) then add a tin of tomatos and curry powder (lots)
  4. dudette2001uk

    dudette2001uk I will be a Princess!

    Here's a list I posted a while ago :) They're not all syn-free, but they're definitely all low syn if you use your Hexs. They're also a mix of green/red and EE

    1. Tuna, sweetcorn and chives/spring onions mixed with fromage frais/extra light mayo
    2. Bolognese/lentil bolognese/quorn bolognese
    3. Cheese and beans
    4. 5 bean chilli
    5. Tomato, onion, smoked paprika and bacon, all reduced down
    6. Cottage cheese mixed with some chopped prawns
    7. Prawn marie rose made with fromage frais, ketchup, lemon juice and some cayenne/smoked paprika
    8. Tuna mixed with extra light laughing cow triangles and some chives/spring onions, then grilled. Mmmm - cheesy tuna!
    9. Any sort of stew heated up on a potato
    10. Salsa (preferably chilled)
    11. Plain yoghurt, coriander, and diced cucumber and/or red onion
    12. Sauteed mushrooms
    13. Scrambled egg, tomato and green pepper
    14. Curry
    15. Coleslaw
    16. Tuna, red onion and pepper
    17. Philly, chives and chopped ham
    18. Philly, chopped cucumber and tomato
    19. Tuna, onion, apple and celery in mayonnaise
    20. Chicken and sweetcorn
    21. Roasted vegetables
    22. Cream cheese and spinach
    23. Tomato, turkey and broccoli
    24. Smoked ham and pineapple
    25. Bacon and mushrooms
    26. Bacon and baked beans
    27. Bacon, onion and sweetcorn
    28. Cheese and marmite/bovril
    29. Crab meat and coleslaw
    30. Chickpea dahl
    31. Hummus, grated carrot and coriander
    32. Smoked haddock/mackeral and sweetcorn
    33. Egg mayonnaise

    As you can see there's tons of things you can put on a baked potato! :D
  5. Ellen.S

    Ellen.S Full Member

    This is brilliant thanks a lot,

    Gives me a lot to go with xx
  6. lowey26

    lowey26 Full Member

    I like leeks & mushrooms stir fried with HexA cheese. Yum yum makes nice change from cheese & beans! Nice with bacon or ham added in too
  7. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    I like onion, corgette and mushroom all chopped finely and fried in frylight wth a little balsamic vinegar then mixed with a liittle philli - lovely

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