January Challenge


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So this is an idea that I have... stolen... from another forum.

Basically you set yourself a challenge for the month, and then post on here every week when you weigh in. Then I edit this main post to show how well everyone is.

I find it really motivating, and it's easier to set myself a small monthly challenge then a huge one like 'lose 3 stone by June'. Smaller challenges are the best I say! :D

So... Is anyone else interested? If so post and let me know how much you want to lose by the end of the month (it might also help if you post your weigh in days).
January Challenge

Sparkle Loss to date = 59.5lbs
(weigh day is Monday)
January Goal = Another 8lbs Lost 9lbs!
Week 1 = -5 lbs
Week 2 = sts
Week 3 = -1 lb
Week 4 = -3lbs

Marie Loss to date = 7lbs
(weigh day is Wednesday)
January goal = 10lb
Week 1 = -5lbs
Week 2 = -1lb
Week 3 = -1lb

Lissee Loss to date = 21.3lbs
(weigh day is Saturday or Sunday)
January goal = 13 3/4 lbs
Week 1 = -3lbs

January goal = 16lbs
Week 1 = ??lbs

Mini Loss to date = 70lbs
(weigh day is Saturday)
January goal 14lbs Lost 15lbs!!
Week 1 = -10lbs
Week 2 = -3lbs
Week 3 = -2lbs

BurtBird Loss to date = 13lbs
(weigh day is Tuesday)
January goal 9lbs
Week 1 = -2lbs
Week 2 = sts
Week 3 = -1lb

(weigh day is ?)
January goal 12lbs (save you 2lbs for 1st week of February)
Week 1 = ?? lbs

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could i join in please, i need all the help i can get!
need to lose 13 and 3/4lbs this month to get to 12stone exactly!

weigh in day = saturday or sunday

week one 7th jan = 3lb loss

10 and 3/4lbs to go!!

woo hoo... im gonna do this!!!

thanks x
Ok - I'm in too!

My challenge is to get back down to 11stone 5 by the end of the month.

I'm currently on day 2 of SSing and weighed in this morning at 12 stone 7 (AAARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!)

Thanks Sparkle, I need some motivation...

This is my first week and weigh in day is Saturday!

Starting weight is 13st. 13lbs.:(

January goal is 14lbs.

Fingers crossed:)
Me me me!

Please could I join? Might give me more of an incentive! :)

Start weight 10st 12
Weigh in Tuesday mornings

Week 1 - 9th Jan lost 2lb

My goal for end of Jan is 9lb total loss

Hi Guys,

This is my first week bac SSing and I have lost 10lbs.:)

06.01.07 : 195
13.01.07 : 185 - 10lbs

Love Mini xxx
3lb off for me :) only weighed once this onth so far!

will be having another weigh in on sunday the 21st....

thanks x
06.01.07 : 00..............195lbs. START
13.01.07 : 10..............185lbs. First weeks loss.
20.01.07 : 03..............182lbs. Second week....
This weeks weigh in result

Only lost 1lb but better than last week I guess when I stayed the same!
Oh well I'll keep at it ..... :eek:(

123470]06.01.07 : 00..............195lbs. START
13.01.07 : 10..............185lbs. First weeks loss.
20.01.07 : 03..............182lbs. Second week....
27.01.07 : 02..............180lbs. Third week......total 15lbs.:)

I had pledged a stone to lose for this Challenge and I have done it!!!!

This is my first challenge to win EVER:D

Thank you Sparkle for doing this January Challenge has it has kept me motivated and I am over the moon as you can imagine!!!!