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Jelly Sweets and Rice Pudding

my jelly sweets in fridge too - britains got talent snack

and giant jaffa cake for after dinner too. feeling really proud of myself.
I made this a while ago and i was just checking up all the syn value of it and its not to bad for the whole cake its only 51 syns and it can be divided into as many parts as you want :D

35grams of plain chocolate i used bournville
2 sachets of sugar free orange jelly crystals
1 flan base from asda

make the jelly up and let it set in the fridge for a few hours

when its ready place it on top of the flan base

melt the chocolate and spread over the top and leave it to set for 30 mins

then divide and tuck in :D yummmmm

I got 12 portions out of mine so thats 4.25
syns per slice :D

jelly sweets

packet of sugar free jelly made up to half pint with water - sachet of gelatine stirred in. left to set in small tub - i iused chinese dish

hope you enjoy

I want the jelly sweets recipe too....c'mon...share!!!!!
Looks good, must buy gelatine tomorrow.....can't wait. Off to make another giant jaffa cake for family gathering tomorrow, not gonna tell 'em it's SW though!!!
My sw rice pudding didnt have much taste and my jelly sweets stayed jelly even though i put gelatine in them. I am going to try the sweets again at the weekend as i have bought some diffrent gelatine.

Also, i have bought the stuff for the giant jaffa cake and i am going to make that at the weekend too. Really wish i had more time during the week to do stuff.
with the jelly sweets try using 2 sachets of gelatine. i have just tried this and theyr in the fridge setting :)xxx
yeah they came out good :D they were lime tho an i dont really like lime lol. ive just made another lot with 1/2 pint boiling water. 1 sachet of gelatine and a pot of raspberry and cranberry yogurt whisked in. hope it turns out ok :/ xxx
the ones mixed with yogurt are amazing! xxx
My sw rice pudding didnt have much taste
hi how did u make ur rice pudding i have found the best way is to get a cup full of rice (small one)add 3 cups water put in microwave untill rice has absorbed all the water u may need to add a bit more water if the rice is still a bit hard, when its cooked add about 4 tbs sweetner when its cold add 3 vanilla mullerlight yogs leave till next day lovely cold or warm :)
just started making the jelly sweets myself, great for tv snacking......big jaffa cake sounds great but daren't make it cause i'd eat it all in one go!!!
Rice pudding.......Yum
I love the jelly sweets. My kids love them too so I've to make two sachets worth now. Good for them too.

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