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ProPoints Jenny's Scoffs

A sensible person would officially publicly declare a food diary at the beginning of their weightloss week, but when was I ever likely to do anything sensible... See below for further details. See, when was it ever EVER a good idea to eat 3 Curly Wurlies....

Blue = super-happy-free-point stuff
Red = Oops - Not happy with this, work to better this plz

22/04/2011 - Good Friday.

Breakfast - Home
Bacon - 3pp
Toast - 4pp
Ketchup - 1pp
Mushrooms - 0pp

Lunch - Work
Leftover Quorn stroganoff - 3pp
Wholemeal Pitta - 4pp

1/2 Salmon Sandwich from buffet - 3pp

Stupidity Eating
3 x Curly Wurlies - 9pp

Tea - Blokey's House
Chicken ala Biker Boy - 4+pp
(adding 10 to cover potential noodles/pasta/potatos/rice/couscous as not sure what Blokey will be making WITH chicken..)

Total – 38
Weekly Balance – 36 left

I’m impressed that leaves me with some weeklies left tbh. I thought I’d be well into it…
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Saturday - junk
Sunday - junk
Monday - not quite junk
(updating via app as can't get to my pc... still have 17 weeklies left)

Tuesday! 26th April.
Breakfast: 9pp
2 poached eggs - 4pp
2 toast - 4pp
1 tbsp ketchup - 1pp

Mini Pepperoni Baguette thing - 6pp
Caramel biscuit - 2pp

Tea: 18pp
Mummys spaghetti bolognese - 11pp
Cheesecake - 7pp

Here goes nothing....
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Here to keep an eye on u sugar :) lol hope u are ok xx
Thanks Carly, and Nicola - it was :D

Better start using this thing again...

Saturday :
Breakfast - 12pp
3 x Quorn BBQ branston pickle sausages - 8
1 tbsp ketchup - 1
Mushrooms - 0
2 x Hovis bread - 3

Lunch -
Quorn scotch eggs & ketchup

Dinner -
Chiquitos & cocktails...

Feeling pretty rubbish about food at the moment.x
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Why? Have u tried these warburtons square wraps - my new fave thing :) x
Ooh I haven't no.I think I might have a look later, see if I can get them. Need some cheese too!

I just feel like Im eating for the sake of eating, and that's not right!

I'm out a lot this weekend too, makes it harder. But Monday will be fine again, I know it :)

Today -
Breakfast- Bacon butty
Lunch/tea depending what time my mate turns up, she's already an hr late, I'm cold & hungry! Will be frankie&bennys

Then Vegetarian week starts tomorrow. :D x
Enjoy ur meal out! Love frankie and Bennys x
4pps! Very nice too! X
I couldn't find any in Asda unfortunately... The search goes on!

Went for dough sticks, and then a philly steak wrap for lunch/tea. Very much enjoyed it... I don't want to know the points though

Had strawberries and cream when I got home..

I have eaten SO much this weekend - Cant wait for a healthy day tomorrow :D

Toodles! x
Sounds yummy! Your search will be fruitful I'm sure :) x
Sounds yummy! Your search will be fruitful I'm sure :) x
Found em :D
And some Warburton Thins too, square rolls, at 100cals, haven't pointed them yet, but they'd make gooooood bases for mini pizzas too!!!

Will update food diary later. Been out today. Three words - Sticky. Toffee. Pudding.

Awesome!! Was meal good? X
It was actually, really nice. I had a dessert which was probably a mouthful too far, felt uncomfortable this afternoon... But hey ho :)

Feel a bit sad tonight, to be honest, and turned to ice cream. Instead of my ol' Phish Food, I went for a Skinny Cow ice cream stick. Or two..

Thursday May 26th

Breakfast - 5pp

2 x small slices of Toast - 3pp
2 x tbsp Philadelphia light - 2pp

Lunch - 30pp

Ate out - Work function
Bruschetta - 1/2 ciabatta with red onion, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar
Peppers stuffed with spicy ratatouille, served with cous cous (left 1/4 of the peppers, and most of the cous cous)
Sticky Toffee Pudding - had about 1/2, and a scoop of vanilla icecream
Counting 30 for the lot, I think that is fair given the amount of zero point stuff I ate!

Tea - 15pp

500g homemade Potato wedges - 10
2 x Quorn burgers - 4
1 x tbsp ELF Mayo - 1

Sad Food = 5pp
1 x Skinny Cow Caramel Shortcake lolly
1 x Skinny Cow Chocolate Brownie lolly

Must have a better day tomorrow, though I've no food plans for the weekend, so should be able to keep things in control over the weekend.

Vegetarian week - Day 4 - Success :)
Awww Hun why u sad? Phish food is awesome! Are the skinny cows nice? X
I'm one of those people who always organises things, and I kinda feel like I had enough of sorting everyone else out, so I stopped organising things, but then I don't get included in anything, no-one does anything because they can't be ar$ed to organise it... if that makes sense?

Makes me feel a bit unwanted, which, now that I write it, looks pathetic..!

The Skinny Cow lollies are ace, they taste like proper icecream, I don't know how they do it, and they are 2 or 3pp each. I was thinking of making a sundae with the caramel shortcake one, with bananas, and some squirty cream... :D

Though, I'd really want the Haagen Dazs, they do a strawberry cheesecake icecream, which is TO DIE FOR but heaps of points, and I couldn't eat just a little, I think it is 33 points for a tub or something

Maybe out of next weeks weeklies ;) x
Yea maybe next week!!! I will have to look up the skinny cow lollies then :)

I am totally the same - spend my life organising and if I didn't i wouldnt be invited - very depressing but one day they will all want to invite us and we will be so busy we wont have time for them mwhahahah xx
DAMN RIGHT :D I like your attitude girly!!

The Skinny Cows are £1 a box in Morrisons just now, if you have a morries near ya :) x
Morries is my fave! I am going on sat.. yipee! now I must go on the wii been putting it off for an hour! x

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