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job dilema - should I take it???


Yummy Mummy! xx
OMG, I have just been offered a job as a housing manager at a sheltered accomodation scheme. Its 3 days a week 15 hrs. Its something Ive always wanted to do and its a great step up compared to what I do now!

Now heres the dilema:

Im halfway through my NVQ3 with my current employer where I work 1 day a week as a Homecare Assistant (its a 15hr shift). Do I keep doing this job as well for the sake of getting my qualification which will take me another couple of months or take a chance and leave forego my qualification and start a new job. i suppose the major issue is childcare because I have 2 children who will then have to go to childcare 4 days a week if I keep both jobs on?

Sounds really silly but Im so excited about this job but have a whole guilt thing about childcare etc. Its a great opportunity for me to further my career and a step up the ladder but at the sake of my kids and childcare.

Anyone else in the same situation?

x(from a gulity feeling mum lol!!)
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could you manage both?Just until you get your qualification cos it would be a shame to loose it now and what if the job doesn't work out. Be a shame not to try it and see if you can do both just till you get the qualification.You've got to do whats best for you in the long run and depends on the little ones.I work full time and still haven't got over thre guilt trip.its really hard juggling everything but its nice to give em things as well.


synful soul
I'd do both jobs & get your qualification, it seems such a shame to pack it in when you've nearly completed it. Your kids will be ok with extra childcare for a short time, I bet they wont even notice;)
and who knows they might even enjoy it !!

I agree, go for both, you are so close to finishing and qualifications open doors,

Sue xx


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thanks guys!

My children are 6 and 20 months. I know its the right thing to do I just needed to hear it from other people so I knew I wasnt being a bad mum lol!!

Thank you guys xx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I went back to work when my wee boy just turned 1. It wasn't easy at first but so glad I did.

I'm going to have to go back to work after I've had this baby in October as financially we won't survive.

I'd say go for it as it'll do you the world of good.
I went back to work full time when my son was 4months old.(only got 6months mat leave then) He's 10 now and hasn't come to any harm, he is the most sociable young man and other people looking after him has definetley helped make him more outgoing.

I would do both jobs until you get your qualification.

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