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Job interview today!

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Today I have a job interview at 1pm. It's for a Mental Health Advisor at the university and I would really like to get this one. The job description and person spec. is spot on for me, and the hours are perfect for me with the children (it's really hard to find jobs that are in school hours only around here). I won't be massively better off financially but psychologically I would benefit from having a job and a reason to get dressed in the morning (I have been known to have my PJs on under my coat on the school run).

I am pretty nervous - I've been out of work for 2 years, on incapacity benefit - but even though I know they will still see a fat preson, I know I am nearly 1and a 1/2 stones lighter and thinner than I was at my last interview and my suit and blouse fit much better.

So think of me at 1pm - all positive vibes gratefully received!
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Good luck - fingers crossed!!!
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Lots of luck for your interview today

Good on you for getting out there!



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Dont think negatively or you will not perform well, there is nothing wrong with the way you look, they are going to look at your ability, dont worry about thier preception its whoever can do the job well. Besides think of it this way you can impress them with your weight loss as you go on :)

I hope you do very well :)
Best of luck to you SIIM, I'll be thinking of you.

Hope you won't ever need it, but if you ever want to chat about interviews, just PM me as I do loads of them and sit on various interview panels at work.

Just be confident and show that you CAN DO THE JOB, make sure that you answer ALL the questions and find examples to give for appropriate questions.

Let us know how you got on.

Louale x


I'm going to be slim
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Hope all goes well for you everything crossed here for you
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Bless ya - I bet you are there now, waiting for them to call you in. Really hoping it goes your way. As you know, I am in the process too. It's all fun and games. lol

Can't wait to hear how it has gone. I hope you have good news. :)

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Hello all and thanks for the positive vibes - I think they helped as I really relaxed into the interview and enjoyed it. They seemed to like my presentation (well, they said it was very entertaining). I answered all their questions in detail and apparently they were satisfied with my answers. And I took a leaf from BL's book and asked them an awkward question at the end - "How do you see this post in five years' time? - which stumped them for a bit.
They'll let me know next week.
Good luck Somewhere

I do so hope you get it, but even if you don't you have done well to get an interview.
Have you got a good Pathways Adviser?
Check on possible in work benefits you may be entitled to.
Don't forget about Return to Work Credit.
Good luck.


Is back in the saddle!
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Sorry I missed this post!! I'll belatedly keep things crossed for you while the results are coming through!!
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Letter this morning - I didn't get the job. I'm very upset, but trying to stick to LL programme.
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Aw, hon. I understand your dissappointment - but tere is no reason to blow your diet for it? That wouldn;t turn the answer around, and you will just feel even worse.

Look at it as an acheivement - after a long break in work, you did your first interview - and you came out of it feeling it went well. And it did. It just wasn't the job for you - but that is the process started now.

Each interview will get easier and better, and when the right match come up, you will be chosen.

I am going through it too. It gets me down too - but you need to have your pout, like I did, and then snap back, and push on for the next one.

Don;t despair. ANd remember - if food is not the problem, then food is NOT the answer. Don't give in, it won;t solve anthing. ;)

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Thanks BL. I do know f**d isn't the answer, and so far so good. Trouble is, not many job opps come along that are suitable as I'm not Welsh-speaking plus it has to be school hours and term time. So this is the first possibility for 3 months (and I didn't get the last one either, over-qualified and "you'd be bored").

But I'm over my tantrum and I'll stay strong for Monday's WI.
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ugh - the whole "you are over qualified" has to be the worst reason. If a person is happy to take a job, maybe they want a quit loife for a change, then for heaven sakes take 'em!!

Good luck - I hope something comes up soon again. :)


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