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Join class tomorrow-help me!!!

Hi all,

Have been snooping on here for ages. Go to my first slimming world class tomorrow and am a little nervous about what to expect as am an old ww hat!

Can you let me know what to expect in first class-what will i recieve in terms of books etc and what format will the meeting take-sorry for all the questions=nervous!

Also i wanted to go shopping tomorrow in the day to get some essentials in for eating on thursday so that i dont wake up in the morning with nothing slimming world friendly!

What would you suggest i buy...so far from snooping im thinking fruit...in quite a large quantity!!! hehe...

Off to take that now (yippee) but will check back tomorrow for advice!

Thanks guys-this forum is so helpful!! xxx
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Hi there, first of all don't worry. Everyone in that group will be there for the same reason as you. Your consultant will probably get you to fill out a form and talk you through the plan whilst other members are getting weighed. After your chat you will be given your pack and card, you will pay your subs and get weighed, this will be recorded in your book. Then your consultant will probably start group with those members that have stayed. You will meet new people, hear some inspiring stories, and hopefully fill yourself with positive optomism for your first week on plan. Good luck with your journey. :)


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Sorry, forgot to add that you could stock up on fruit, veg, salad, low fat cheese, baked beans, some meat, some fish and muller light yogs. That will keep you going for a while till you get the hang of what you do and don't like. :)
I lost 3 stone with WW after having my baby .... but i was hungry :(

In my first SW meeting I noticed it was different in the respect that it is not as focused on the do's and don't of every meal but focus' more on image therapy ( staying to class) and body magic (exercise)

I was asked to stay to class which lasted 1.5 hours and only after was I asked to decide if I wanted to join. I was given books on free foods, a first week guide to recipes, a book on exercise and other books explaining SW

Your cupboard fpr your first week should reflect the plan

Fill your trolley with the super free foods( fruit, vegetables, salad) you like
Then pick which free foods you need to go with your fruit and veg ( rice, pasta , baked beans, potoatoes, meat, poultry, muller light yogurts)
After that head for your healthy extras ( milk, wholemeal bread, cheese, cereal / cereal bars-Alpen are the best)

One thing I missed in my first month is that sweetcorn and peas are not super free they are free. So if you choose EE 1/3 of plate must be super free which will NOT include sweetcorn and peas
This will all make better sense after your class but I though I would list the things that were helpful to me

Good luck enjoy your first class


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Like the others have said, plus I'd take a bit of extra money in case you are tempted to buy any of the SW goodies such as recipe books or Hi-Fi bars (and my class has a weekly raffle - though it's not compulsory).

The first week I got caught out on fruit juice thinking it was free and it wasn't!!

Good luck and have a great time meeting new people!


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Good luck with your first class, im joining a SW class on thursday after a few weeks of been a scardey cat and putting it off for some reason or other. Probably just been lazy and not knowing what to expect. This has put my mind at ease a little so thanks for posting it. Hopefullyi will make some new friends there too so fingers crossed for both of us and again good luck :O)
Thanks so much guys-im gonna do an internet shop for some basics this afternoon!!!

Linz66-yes, fingers crossed for us both...let me know how you get on.

I_dream_slim said:
Thanks so much guys-im gonna do an internet shop for some basics this afternoon!!!

Linz66-yes, fingers crossed for us both...let me know how you get on.

I agree with everyone on here but wanted to say hi to my nearly name sake. Lol.
Good luck. Xx
haha dreamslim...i spotted you as soon as moved over on to this forum!! Brilliant!! xx


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Hiya i dream slim :eek:) well i did it lol joined tonight and im glad i did , loads of helpful advise and the ladies were really friendly. So ready for tomorrow on my first new day :O) how did your first time go? hope it went well x

Class went well-on day two now!! Hows it going for you...i think im eating too much, xx
as long as you're following the plan you can't eat too much, sometimes I fall into the trap of not eating enough because I think I'm eating too much.

what about doing a food diary on here so others can give you advice

well done for joining xx
food diary up and runnin-please take a look and let me know! lots of questions stil!!! xx


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hiya dream :O) it went well for me and i ate loads of stuff. Mind you i did think it was a bit too much aswell. Im sure you will get the hang of it and like kerry mentioned, a food dairy would be a good idea and people can advise you and help if you think your doing something wrong. It will help :O) keep up the good work, i know its hard but im sure it will get easier , plus you have everyone on here going through the same and they all know exactly how you feel , same as i do. Best wishes and keep your chin up hunnie :O) x

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