Road to 5st down

I’m back on the weight loss journey again. The past 3 years has kicked my bottom and between pregnancy to Now, which has been 5y, I have gained 3st. Now life is levelling out, I have a new job and finally feel like things are going back to normal.

I jump between plans and diets, to see which one works for me at the time. Sometimes slimming world works, then stalls and then meal prep calorie counting works so I’ll keep my plans updated with what I am following.

Kick starting tomorrow with Slimming World, I always find SW great to start a diet, I don’t like sticking to this for too long as I dont Believe in some of their ”syn foods” like avocado, are wrong, just enjoy in moderation but if it gets the ball rolling, it’s always worth it.

I’ll take measurements And weights first thing and keep this log running to help keep me on track....
It was a tough morning taking my first initial weigh in. 17st 13lb
It hit hard when You try on your new work clothes which were the size you were before pregnancy and you can’t pull it over your bum.

mornings and lunch are never a problem as I always stay strong but it will be night time and usually find boredom kicks in.
Tough day,
Everything was going to plan until my hubs came in. Sadly this is my weakness when you are trying to stay on track and there's someone sitting beside you eating two bags of crisps 🤦‍♀️
I need to work on willpower but I did end up having some ice cream. Not the end of the world, but angry at how easily led I am.
Its a stumble but I begin my new job tomorrow and thankfully responsible for My own dinner so I have more control.

Eggs - Free, Wafer ham - Free, Mushrooms - Speed Free, Baked Beans - Free
coffee - free, sweetener - free
HexA - 350ml Skimmed milk

Pasta - free, tomatos-speed, spring onion-speed, Cucumber- speed
Nandos Perinaise - 2.5syns
Coffee-Free, Sweetener-free
HexA Skimmed Milk

Roast Chicken skinless-free, onion-speed, carrot-speed
Coffee-free, sugar-2syns
HexA Skimmed Milk

Alpin light - HexB
Coffee with sugar - 2 syns
Peppers - free
Nandos Perinaise - 2.5 syns
Ice cream - 6 syns

Final syns - 15syns

Not entirely happy but meals are prepped for tomorrow!