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Joining SW before Xmas??

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Hi all, well a few weeks back I tried to do SW from home but haven't succeeded , I Know if I keep eating like I am I could easily put on 10lb between now and New Year, so I'm thinking of joining a group on Wednesday. What are people's thoughts on this? I know there will be temptations over xmas, just thinking that if i'm being weighed each week it will give me some control! thanx x
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I did the same last year and it really helped keep me on track over Xmas


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I've done the same this year. I gain weight so quickly I could easily put on a stone in a month! The food's just not worth it anymore.


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I joined mid-November after having the same debate with myself. I think, if anything, it's already helping to moderate my eating (this time last year OH and I were already into the mulled wine and Baileys!). I'm being realistic and realising that it's highly likely I'll have a small gain over Christmas (I'm going flexible syns for the 24th, 25th and 26th) but I'm comfortable with that, knowing it'll be FAR less that I would put on without SW as I'd be shoving everything down my throat from the beginning of December to halfway into January!
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I joined in the middle of October and have already lost 10lbs. Hubby has just joined with me this week!

Christmas doesn't have to mean an enormous weight gain. We've planned a relatively sw friendly Xmas, but at the same time are realistic that we probably won't be 100% on plan.


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I tried to convince my husband we don't need to buy tins of chocolates etc but he's not having any of it. got to remind myself at 2.5 syns each they aren't worth it!
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A friend of mine said a few weeks ago that she was interested in coming to SW with me, but said there was no point joining before January, as she wanted to enjoy Christmas. I convinced her that if she joined straight away she could have a stone and a half off before Christmas, and then if she wanted to enjoy Christmas and take a bit of a gain, she would still be lighter than she had been to start off with. I'm pleased to say she took my advice, and is already a stone and a half down with another 3 weigh ins before the big day. I'm so proud of her!

Also....joining in January, alongside 500 other new members who are perhaps only doing it as a New Year's Resolution because they think they ought to, is no fun. Join pre-Christmas and get to know your group in a more intimate setting than that post-Christmas chaos!

Good luck xxx
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I definitely think that joining before Christmas is a good idea. As Stinkyloo said above, you could lose loads of weight before Christmas so that when you go back after Christmas, even if you've had a gain, you'll probably still weigh less than you would have done if you didn't join.

My consultant was saying in the last group too that those members who make the effort to attend group over the Christmas period are more likely to stay on plan and have losses than those people who skip a meeting as knowing you've got 2 weeks to get the weight off again can make you complacent and less likely to put the effort in. My group's not running over the Christmas week as it falls on a bank holiday but I'm going to try to get to another meeting.

Also, if you join before Christmas, you'll get access to the SW website and there are some brilliant recipes and posters on there for how to make SW-friendly Christmas meals and snacks and also how many 'treats' you can have for your syns, such as chocolate fingers. Stinkyloo also makes an excellent point about all the 'new years resolutions' starters that will flood the January groups...I might have to weigh-and-go that night! :)x
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Well done, Staffiemum!

That's fab, especially at this time of year with so much going on.

Have a great week this week xx


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good on you :) well done!
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Just wanted to say it's probably a bit late now, but my hubby has lost 9.5lbs in his firsttwo weeks aand he's made up he joined before Xmas. It's helped us both plan for a more sensible Christmas.
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I'm using my mums sw books until I officially join. I've found that not being in an office this year has helpe tremendously. All those chocolates and treats people would bring in. Miss it lol but obviously it helps not to have it around.

Plus we are having Christmas at my house, so I feel more in control over what I am eating. I'll be scared once we pop open the box of chocolates.

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