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Joining Tonight!

Hi :sign0144:

I'm joining sw tonight and i'm really excited, I feel like this is going to work for me. I tried it years ago but wasn't any good at cooking, could never be bothered so used to rely on ready meals all the time. Now I cook every night so I can adapt our tea to suit the sw plan.

I have tried a million diets but feel like this one should give me good losses (hopefully) without going hungry, I hate feeling hungry!

Anyone got any tips for a newbie? This is such a great forum, so glad I found it!

Helen x
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Thank you :)

I am amazed at how good the diet looks. Will set up a ticker later, have lots to lose!!!
hi helen, welcome to the forum,

the only things you really need to remember is to write everything down and read your sw book. and honestly when it says free it means free you can eat and eat and eat if you want to.

good luck!!
Good luck Bubbles, you'll do great. All I'll say is you must make wure you eat enough, you should never be hungry on this plan.


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Good luck! If you're used to cooking this should be a doddle. When I joined I bought a couple of the little recipe books, plus the big book of syns. Just make sure you write everything down, so you can keep track of your healthy extra a's and b's.
Thanks everyone!

I joined last night. I was so nervous, I actually stood outside for a minute wondering whether to get back in the car :eek: I am so glad I joined though.

I weighed in at 17st 5lb - I can't believe it. How did I let myself gain so much weight over the years?

I remember joining weight watchers when I was 20 and I weighed 12st 12lb and thought I was disgusting :eek: If only :D

I've started this morning and had weetabix, skimmed milk and sweetener. Feeling really positive. Thanks for all the lovely welcomes, it's so nice to know there's people here.


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well done bubbles
the first step is always the hardest

( am being lazy by not just looking it up but are sweeteners all free on green and red? )
Hi Bubbles and good luck,
I'm a newbie too so no advice sorry, have lots of weight to lose too but feel i really can do it this time, im on day 3 and not felt hungry once :)
we can do this!
My advice would be to completely fill up on free foods. I find that by having absolutely loads of free foods then i'm far less likely to snack and have sins. Plus if you're not including sins as part of every meal then if you do fancy a treat, then you've still got your sins to use.


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Bubbles and Nicky, look again at what those scales say and be happy knowing that it will be the last time you see that number!
Thanks girls,

Really appreciate your posts :)

Day 1 done, feeling good! Thinking I might do a Red day tomorrow!!!! I remember my auntie saying she always had better losses if she did a few red days each week so i'm going to try to do that, not a big meat eater, but more than happy to try it :D


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Welcome, Im Eleanor and going to be 13 stone again soon which is what I was before kids and looking back at photos I was fabulous...but wore baggy clothes to cover up...sheesh! My advice is FRUIT, FRUIT and more FRUIT!!! Just lovin any kind I can get my hands on and Im feeling great!

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