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Jordan/Katy Price....In I'm A Celeb..


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Everyone either love's or hate's this woman, and over the last few months she has had good and bad press.

It would seem that the public do dislike her though as they keep voting her in to do these 'Bush Tucker Trial's' on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.......

But you have got to hand it to her, she has guts, she is perserving and doing all these 'trial's' - so if she wanted further press coverage - Well - she sure has got it down in the Jungle.......
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I'm not fond of Katie Price but I found last nights live trial very uncomfortable viewing. She was obviously very distressed and for me it ruined what I would normally consider a bit of fun that they all signed up for.
I'm sick of her being voted for all the trials now and would like to see someone else do one for a change but I guess she's got what she wanted - the public are obsessed with her so, good or bad, she wins!


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I think I read somewhere that the other 'celebs' knew what she was getting before they went in and weren't happy.

Having witnessed the Andre/Price family in action locally when the youngest was still a baby, I have no sympathy for her whatsoever as she wasn't pleasant!
I'd do it for 5o grand. I wouldn't have to work for the rest of the year!! Mind you, if I could get £350,000 that'd beeven better! I loved Kim ahving a go at ehr yesterday. She was so right. How can she say she hates publicity??!! Saying that though, Jordan dealt with it really well.
i personally think she is an inspiration and a very shreud business woman yeah i know she made her money by glamour modelling but she has turned it around one of the reasons i think she gets the tasks is because she will do them she aint afraid of nothing and is a team player ... my hat off too her
She really isn't as daft as she makes out IMO. She has made her money and doesn't need whatever they paid her to go in there.

She is a very canny woman and will be doing this for her own agenda, do they not say there's no such thing as bad publicity?

If she wanted she'd never have to do anything again, ever!


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I cannot stand the woman personally. Don't get me wrong, I admire her at the same time because she's a tough cookie, but I think she's a disgrace.

First of all, I am sick to death of her 'bringing up' something new that was traumatic for her whenever she needs a boost. I am not saying she's lying - not at all - but she makes these massive claims but then says she doesn't want to talk about it! Give me a break love, you wouldn't have said anything if you didn't. Like the r*pe claim. She says she did that to defend Alex and his 'movie'. Ok, so if she didn't want to persue the claims and get justice or attention, why say it at all? Simply saying 'I wouldn't date anyone who glorifies r*pe because, as a woman, I appreciate that this is an act of pure evil*. She knew she was opening a can of worms when she said that. And what does that do to others who have been through this? She says it happened, makes money on the back of the interviews, but then won't go for the justice anyone who suffers this deserves. She's incredibly lucky - she's been through all these events and is able to trust men enough to have relationships, a family and a successful life. A lot of people who go through this can't face relationships and struggle forever.

So...sorry...have no sympathy for the multi millionaire Jordan/Katie Price who moans and whinges that people hate her all the time, when all she seems to do is be mean to others and bring it on herself. She needs to count her lucky stars, realise she has a career, money enough to support her and her family forever, and three beautiful children.

She needs to try facing the problems others have in their life. People are being made unemployed left right and centre daily at the moment, having their homes taken off them and really struggling. She's made little talent go a long way and I'm fed up of seeing her selling her soul to make more money. Nothing is sacred to that woman.

Sorry - rant over - but I can't pity her, Kerry Katona etc for their messed up lives when they don't help themselves by shutting up and getting some reality check sorted.

I know you cannot judge someone who takes an opportunity and runs with it - and she did that. Good on her - people are daft enough to let her carry on. But the thing is, I would rather keep my kit on and keep my private life private and instill in my children a sense of decency (when I have them lol). I'd rather be me and have a regular life than have to live my life, and make my family, in the public eye for being infamous.



i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !

or is it the katie price show , i thought it would be someone different tonight am sick of watching her doing the trials want some else to do something its just getting boring now
First time i watched it last night, and she got voted again, i dont like/like katie price tbh but im a mum of three kids and if my child just come outta hospital (as i have a disabled child to but not as bad as harvey) i wouldnt blooming leave them no matter who they with.
I'm sure Pete is caring for Harvey as he does for all the 3 children Jacquie, but she should be there too - let's hope Harvey is better now.
Exactly donnie, i no pete is with kids but she so far away and i just personally couldnt do it, unless they over there to, but still couldnt with them just coming outta hospital :D
Just thought I would add my bit...... Some of you are really tough on her aren't you. I know she isn't perfect but are any of us? I would not say I was a fan of hers one way or the other but she is certainly entertaining on Celebrity, but it would be nice to see others having a go at the trials. I think the fact she is doing so well at the trials will probably go in her favour when she comes out. I guess her mum or Peter are looking after the kids, so she knows they will be OK.
I have to admit I do admire her, she has made a fortune and probably never needs to work again.
One of my kids has a sight problem, and is partially blind in one eye and I had issues dealing with that so what she went through with Harvey must have been really hard.
I just had a thought writing this, yes the money to go in the jungle would be great for me but a few weeks in there and I would probably be slim!
Gonna go and can't wait to see tonights trial.

Best regards
I have declared that i wont watch it this time cos i dont like her and dont want to be part of furthering her career,but please if there is any prospect of justin being eaten alive by anything please let me know so i can switch on!!

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