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  1. Claire1883

    Claire1883 Member

    Hi :)

    Started back on Cambridge 2 1/2 weeks ago. When I did it before I kept the weight off (with the help of norovirus at one point!) for nearly 4 years. Then suddenly before Christmas the weight and more piled back on - nearly 2 stone in three months and so the mission is back on!

    Last time I was terrible at cheating and not taking in the water and losses were minimal each week and then I ditched the plan when I got down to the size 10 I wanted to be. So the plan is to keep a diary and hopefully stop myself (and maybe others helping too) from going off track and get to how I want to be and keep it off!

    So far- first half week- 2lbs loss
    Week 1- 4 lbs loss
    Week 2- 2 lbs loss

    The water hasn't been great and I feel like I may go off track so diary here we come!!
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  3. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

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    Hi Claire,

    What step are you on? Before you know it you will be back in your size 10's :)

    I am on ss and a but like yourself. I lost 2 stone felt great and lost my way back to the start again. This time I aim to be 100% for 12 weeks and take it up the steps from there.

    Hope we can support each other :)
  4. Claire1883

    Claire1883 Member

    Hi Laura :)

    mutual support sounds a great idea! I'm doing SS+ at the moment as without an evening meal I think I would lose my mind!

    Have you just started on Cambridge or been going for a while?

    I'm finding it tough this evening- weekends are the hardest I think at the moment.
    Been tidying the house to distract myself!!!

    Now I'm two weeks in I have been allowed to try and love the lemon yoghurt bars-
    Seeing as I'm not keen on the porridge they make a much better breakfast than a soup did!

    How are you finding things?
  5. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

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    Drink drink drink honey! It truely is the key! I've done CWP in the past and had 2-2.5 litres a day and would lose 2lb a week, this time I've forced myself to drink between 3-4 and my losses have been on average 3-4.5 lbs a week, it makes such a difference. I hate drinking but keep a litre bottle with me most of the time.....the water flavourings are quite nice also :D Xxxxx
  6. Claire1883

    Claire1883 Member

    Even getting my 2 litres is a struggle some days but I am trying :)

    Have a litre bottle of water with flavouring ready to go this morning as I head to work- with a lemon bar for breakfast- yum!!

    3-4 lbs a week is amazing!!
  7. Claire1883

    Claire1883 Member

    Yesterday was positive and kept to plan although it sure I drank as much water as I would like. Today also been ok so far with lemon yoghurt bar for breakfast, veg soup for lunch and chocolate mint shake for dinner. Had a skinny latte this morning so no meal this evening- going to be a CD bar I think.

    Water has only been about a litre so far - even in this hot weather :S
  8. Claire1883

    Claire1883 Member

    Weigh in day- 1 lb loss- slightly less than I hoped but everything counts I guess!
  9. Claire1883

    Claire1883 Member

    -4 lbs at the weigh in- don't know how I did that!!
  10. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    well done!!! :)

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