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Journey to size 32 waist again!!


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Right I have decided to do this in order to try and motivate myself to stay with the diet. I have done SW previously a few years back, I did the red and green plan so not sure what the EE plan is really? I guess I will learn from being on here.

I'm 28 and live with my wonderful g/f Becci, we are expecting our first child due in 6 weeks. Over the past year I have got comfortable and put on around 2st and I want it gone!

So tomorrow it will all start, I have my muller light in the fridge chilling for breakfast with a banana! Just hope the day goes as planned and I stay on the tracks!!

Looking forward to all your help and inspiring tales that I have read so many of already!!
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Sooo day one..

All started well, woke up with a little appetite so grabbed my muller light and banana to take with me to work. I had that upon arriving. Kept me going until lunch.

Lunch arrived - we had a business meeting and a buffet was provided so I had to be pretty picky. I had a couple of ham salad sandwiches without dressing, some chicken pieces and a can of diet coke. It could of been better but this is just a one off.. Trust it to be today!

I am just wondering what to have for tea, I think I am going to have an egg salad! I had a coffee this morning so the milk as my HEx but need to have another one yet, I always seem to struggle to use these!

Tomorrow is a new day so going to plan ahead and take lunch with me so I can't be tempted with anything else.

Shopping at the weekend will have to be a well planned visit to make sure I get enough things to make proper meals etc next week.



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Thanks for that,

So today was day one which to be honest could have been a little better. I started with breakfast, a muller light and a banana. All good! Then dinner time - we were in a day long meeting so work provided a buffet! eeek! I had to try and eat sensibly. I had a couple of ham salad sandwiches, they didnt have no dressing on so should be ok, with this I had a few chicken pieces. I know i know, poor start for day one! must do better.

So tea time now, going to have an egg salad I think. I had coffee this morning too with milk so that is my HEx, just need to have another one. I do struggle to use these up, I need to buy some Alpen Lights or something like that I think. I will be shopping this weekend with a plan to have meals all ready for next week.


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Today went really well, I had the usual muller light and banana for breaky went to work and the morning flew by, I came home for lunch as we had a midwife appointment today, all is well 6 weeks and counting!! I made a nice salad for lunch though, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & pepper! Was lush!

We went to ASDA in the afternoon and I bought some of the pitta breads so I could make the fakeaway kebab on here, had to do the beef one though as we couldn't find any lean lamb mince. Just finished eating it now piled high with salad, it was really tasty! Made a chilli dip and a Mayo dip too! Will deffo have this again.

We also bought some of the activia yoghurts, I understand these are free too. We bought some of the Jordans muesli to have as a healthy extra in the mornings as I have struggled to use them.

Well that's all for today, just having another muller light for dessert! Feet up time!



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Enjoyed my food today! Had a bowl of muesli and a rivita for breaky (HExB) forgot how good muesli is! Just wish I could av more than 28g!

Dinner was on the rushed side, had a nectarine, banana and a muller light.

Came home from work and was starving so I had an alpen light bar and a muller light to put me on till tea as I played footy tonight.

When I got back I had a veg stir fry with egg noodles!! Man it was good! Followed by a muller light again!

Had a snack a little later of rivita cracker breads with total 0% yoghurt n lemon juice! Bizarre combo but really refreshing and quite filling!!

Weekend starts tomorrow, that will be the test for me! I need to find a drink that's low syn value!


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Well Friday I managed to stick to it 100% which is fab news, I'm normally having a kebab and beers but didn't touch either. I went out for dinner and had a fresh chicken salad, the only naughty on the plate was coleslaw so very pleased.

Saturday today and again 100% day! Not even a beer! Very pleased with things. Went shopping and bought lots of fruit and veg and found that our local butchers is slimming world approved for their sausages which we had for tea! Syn free! With swede mash. It was great. We also had the sugar free heartlys jelly mixed with yoghurt and fresh strawberries. Yum yum!

I am looking forward to WI day now! Be interesting to see what I have hopefully lost!! :)


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Well today I am quite chuffed with myself and resisting temptation.

Breakfast - muesli (HExB)

Snack - resisited bacon butties made by my auntie whilst everyone else scoffed them. I had a muller light & nectarine - cup of coffe and SM (HExA)

Lunch - was at subway of all places and I resisted the sub and had a plate salad with no sauce!! All free! Yey me!

Snack - Crab Sticks & lemon sponge fingers (1syn)

Dinner - cabbage, chicken breast and small jacket (HExB) followed by heartlys sugar free jelly mixed with muller light! Yum!

Supper - strawberries cut up and mixed with quark, lemon juice and splender! Amazing!


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Yesterday went to plan,
Breakfast - banana and muller light
Lunch - crabstick salad alpen light (HExB pt1)
Dinner - was supposed to be meatballs but had a disaster so ended up with a small jacket with cheese triangles (HExA) and a chicken breast. I coated the chicken in a slice of wholemeal bread (HExB) that I blitzed in the food processor with black pepper and paprika! Was yum!
Desert - heartly's sugar free jelly with strawberries.
Snack - muller light & alpen bar (HExB pt2)


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Ok so today's food was nice, I'm enjoying the red days. Weighed in this morning 8.5lbs lighter so very very pleased! If I can only keep that up!!

Breakfast - had a banana and some strawberries! Was delish!

Lunch - lettuce, toms, cucumber and pepper salad. Really enjoyed this especially as the sun was out! Followed with a muller light!

Snack - had an asda WM Pitta (HExB) with lettuce, cucumber and tomato on. Plus 1 tbs of EL Mayo (1 syn)

Dinner - had a chicken casserole, really nice! Bought the chicken skinned and boneless from butchers and was only £3! It's so tender cooked in slow cooker with stock and lots of veg!

Snack - muller light, 2x Alpen bars (HExB)
HExA was used in milk with coffee!


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Ok so Wed today, mega nice weather today, loved it! I even went for a run this evening! Impressed! So this is what I had today, green day

Breakfast - muller light, puffed wheat (HExB) milk (HExA) canderell

Lunch - 2 x alpen bars (HExB) lettuce, tomato, pepper, cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar. Banana

Snack - muller light

Dinner - potato wedges spiced up! Beans, corn on the cob, mushrooms and 2 eggs. 1tbs LTL mayo (1syn) Awesome feed! Followed by muller light and a Curley Wurley (6 syns)

I love having green days every now and then purely for the stodgy tea above! Really doesnt feel like I'm on a diet! Sooo full! I have noticed I haven't been drinking much fluids and I understand that drinking lots aids weight loss so need to focus on that.


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Ok o it's nearly weekend! Yey! But that's when I struggle the most to resist temptation. Oh ooh!

Breakfast today - puffed wheat HExB with skimmed milk HExA.

Lunch - tomato, lettuce, cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar. 2xalpen lights HExB & muller light yog

Snack - walkers lights 6 syns

Dinner - mushroom stirfry with small portion of egg noodles(fresh from tesco which I think are free? Is this right or not I'm confused!? Anyone know?)
Dessert - angel delight NAS half of pack 5.5 syns & HExA

I also played an hour of 5 a side football tonight to blow away the cobwebs! I just have to resist temptation over the weekend and hopefully wil have another good loss. I would love a red day tomorrow and have a real donna kebab meat takeaway. Are they real bad in syns??


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Friiiiiiday! Woo the weekend is finally here!

I had a bit of a lapse today as didnt prepare lunch! It's always the case!!

Breakfast - puffed wheat hexb milk

Snack - I got to work, our manager had bought a load of pastries, donuts and mini choc muffins for breaky from telco. I resisted everything bar 1 mini choc muffin, I am guessing at 5 syns??

lunch - I had 2 pieces of KFC! Without the skin on, I gotta say I didn't really enjoy it either! Greasy as hell! I was at work and the manager got a load of bargain buckets for the team and I did try to get away with not having any but didn't succeed! I have no idea of the sin value for this?

Dinner - back on track! Had 2 sin free sausage, swede mash, broccoli and 2 fried eggs! Was delicious. Followed by a muller light

Supper - banana & apple

Tomorrow will be tough, I am going to the pub in the afternoon to watch England so will be having a few beers, not only that b
But the OH is having a baby shower at ours and there are loads of naughty things in ready for this! I can see me coming back and giving into temptation! Eeek wish me luck!



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Ok so I have been away a while as the mrs had our baby boy at the end of April so starting back on plan tomorro!

Got all the naughty stuff outta the cupboards n fridge today!

Wish me luck

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