Judge Judy Classic


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Classic. Jeez what a horrible daughter...

This is kinda funny...slapping genitalia (Judy Judge again - no visuals)


I know!!!!

Awfully sad - imagine really disowning your own mother over a few coppers...


Johnny Rotten on Judge Judy??? Surely i LIE? Surely i JEST!

But no...


:( Can't hear it :(

Someone give me a lowdown please :)
its very low, i had my speakers up full volume

this daughter lent her ma 1500 US Dollars in a bingo hall for this and that...the ma paid back 1400 US Dollars...but does she want the 100bucks??

Hell no! she wants another 1500 dollars INTEREST!!!!! plus the 100 bucks

Holy Moly

Needless to say Judge J cant believe her judge ears...

Very sad because shes all like 'dont ever talk to me again'' to her ma...

Money and family just dont mix well where lending is concerned...

100% interest rates....100%...jeez and she give her LIFE!!!!

I dunno.

I do girl

I think thats the first one...

Part 2


Part 3


Thank God for YouTube!!!! This ones a gem!!!

I lurves the Judge!

Mother V Daughter Clip....

My Mum would have chased me out of the court room and given me the "verbals" of all time!!!!:eek:

I love JJ. Why? Because she "gets it"!!!...Watch it as much as I can...xxx