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hi i want to ask you all for help, i have been drinking diet coke for years but after watching a tv programme about it i have decided to drink jucie, what i want to know i am drinking the robonsons no added sugar, swapping from diet coke to jucice will this harm my weight loss.

the reason i ask this is the last two weeks i have lost just over a stone but this week i have swapped my drinks and lost nothing????? the only thing i have changed is my drinks.

thank you for your help.
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No it won't harm your weight loss - it's just another syn free drink.
Your body has lost a heck of a lot of weight in a very short time - it's probably just doing catch-up as that will be a shock to the system. So don't panic, it's inevitable there will be weeks when you don't lose even though you have been 100% on plan. The weight will soon start coming off again.