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Just a little something to share...

Thanks very much everyone!

Yeah I feel really great - all this hard work is finally paying off, weirdly enough.. I really can't see much of a change in the mirror but obviously it is all disappearing as I was a size 14 when I started!!!

Gemma heres a piccy, this isn't the same one, but very similar!! -


Trying to stay healthy!
well done you!! that feels great when you can fit into a new size doesn't it!!
Well done lol, I'm looking forward to be that size


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That is amazing!!! Well done Nell and have a fabulous night out.

I am sure you will see the difference in yourself when you are all dolled and ready for your night out, it's hard to see when you are still wearing your normal clothes! Plus you are going to get so so so many compliments!!

Whoo hoo!!!
Hey Nell, well done! Can I ask, what size are u aiming for? and how long have u been on the diet. I am a 14 just and wanting to get down to an 8.



Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Oh wow!!! Well done!! :) Bet you feel fantastic in it!! Very pretty :) Need a pic of you in it though! ;)

I love 50's style but have never had the figure for it since I was about 15.. had a lovely 'rocker' style long skirt when I was 14.. loved it!! :) Underskirt and all... maybe that should be my present to myself when I get to goal!! :)
Congratulations!!!!!!!! have a fab night!

Ohh maybe I shall put some pics up here on Sunday after I've had my hair done too!!!!

I was actually (for some bizarre reason) having super hunger pangs earlier as I'm dog sitting tonight at my parents house and they always have such nice food in the cupboards! But.. all I keep thinking bout is what a daft waste that would be!!.. After (another extra) pint of water, they've disappeared now..

Ohh also, got my 5 week weigh in tomorrow at 10.30am and I haven't had one for nearly 2 weeks for one reason or another, not hugely bothered bout scale loss cos i've been TOTM but I am hoping to see those inches gone!

Wish me luck!!

Hey Nell, well done! Can I ask, what size are u aiming for? and how long have u been on the diet. I am a 14 just and wanting to get down to an 8.
- tanya, I've been doing it for about 5 weeks (just over as I started on a Thursday) and I have lost over a stone and over 4 inches off my waist, I started at a size 14 with a waist of 32.5, my main aim is to be a size 8, bout 9st 11 with a waist around 28, hopefully not long to go! drink loads of water.. i found the more you wee the more you loose! lol, good luck!! xx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
All sounds fantastic :) And you are doing so well :) I'm sure you'll look fab on your night out.. definately get some pics! and well done for avoiding the 'calling' from your parents cupboards!

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