Just a quick question from a possible newbie!


Hi there

I'm thinking of joining SW this week after trying CD.

Can you have ready meals on SW? Like macaroni cheese?? Or pasta bake type of thing????

Just wondered as i have quite a busy life so ready meals are very handy to have.

I've lost 2 stone on CD but i am just too miserable without food, pathetic i know but true for me! I still have about 6 stone to go which i know would go so quick with CD but i thought i'd give SW a whirl!!

Any advice would be great!

Lorraine x
You can have things like Pasta n Sauce and Rice packets on the Green day but that's about it.

But hey, it takes only 10 mins to prepare a nice juicy steak with a huge pile of veggies (you can buy these ready prepared and washed).... some ready meals take 30 minutes to cook are are full of artificial rubbish!!
You can't have tinned macaroni cheese anymore unless you syn it, but i'd recommend getting the free branded foods book and the food directory. It's got loads of ready meal tings in there you can have.
Pasta is really quick to cook, you just need to make big batches of low synned sauces, and freeze separate portions. Pasta is completely free on a green day, and very filling.

There is a lovely SW sauce book you can buy.