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Just about to Start


i want to be like betty
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Good luck Tim my only prob i had was a bit of a head ache on the 2nd morning just took a couple of tablets, it is hard at times but the results are brill,hope to hear how you get on :)


Never give up
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Good luck Tim, it's a rough road at the start but totally worth sticking with. Post lots - there's so much support and help available here. :0)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Tim set up a ticker for yourself. When you see the pounds knocking off on that you will feel so proud of yourself. Drink loads of water.
Keep a bottle with you at all times and drink at least three litres a day.
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Hello, good luck! Im starting Friday, so hopefully by then you will be able to tell me how your getting on! Im so excited to start off a new me but so scared at the same time, I really need to stick at it! Be prepared boys and girls, ill be whinging and moaning constantly! hehe
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Hiya Tim and Bexi84

Welcome on board to both of you. Everyone is different but there are undoubtedly going to be a few days in the beginning where you find this tough. That is the proverbial "wall" which you have to get over. Honestly its soooooo much easier after that. So drink loads and loads of water, keep coming on this site for words of comfort, inspiration and congratulations and you will do fine. This site is a godsend. Everyone is so supportive and we have all been where you are now. This time next week you wont be the newbies anymore as others will have joined and you will be offering advice and help to them.

So stick with it and keep in touch.

Best of luck


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Tim and Bexi! Look forward to following your progress in the coming weeks. Stay strong and focused and you can do it, however large your target is!!


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Best of luck Tim !
good luck Tim, get your stats up mate... first few days/week not so good but once you get into it you can fly!! welcome to the good ship lipotrim!
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good luck for your first week tim x
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Good luck Tim, i am also thinking about using lipotrim, im new to this forum, ive been reading up alot about lipotrim and will be visiting my chemist tomorrow for more information, im 5ft2.5 (that extra half an inch is very important lol!) and i weigh 13st 11lbs. i have really had to persuade to let my husband let me do this although i think he has only agreed as ive been nagging him day in day out. i look forward to sharing my expeience with you all :)
Start of day 2! Rancid stuff!! I am not impressed with the Milkshake (Strawberry) or the Chicken Soup, why cant they invent some nice tasting ones?? and more flavours??

Oh well on with day 2, on the positive side if I bring it all back up I lose more weight! lol :)


Here we go again!
The thing is Tim they aren't meant to be the best tasting things in the world. They're supposed to be cleansing our palette of tasty things that we loved while putting on all the weight! They really do get a lot better though the longer you do this. I had a choc one for lunch yesterday and it tasted really chocolatey!

When people finish LT they nearly always miss the shakes, believe it or not!!

Good luck with day 2 and stay positive, you can do this and it gets easier the longer you do it.


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Yep I agree with you Mini, I missed the shakes big time when I had to come off them as I knew it was what was keeping me losing weight and I had myself and choices to rely on to make sure I didn't gain too much. I like to think if I hadn't have gotten pregnant (not that I have any regrets there) that I'd have been good because I didn't gain loads when pregnant, it was only in the last month or so in the lead up to coming back on LT that I truly went crazy which I guess I shouldn't have done but hey, I don't intend on doing it again.

Tim, you'll get used to the shakes the more you drink them. I felt a bit sick with them for the first couple of days and I'm on Day 7 now and they are slowly getting better.
Another tip to try is to to make them with crushed ice and in a blender. It makes the shakes smoother, gets rid of lumps and they taste close enough to a McDonalds shake that way and some people even put a sweetener in with their shake to give it something that makes it more ok to drink.

Also, cooled peppermint tea goes great with the chocolate shake instead of regular water and some people add a bit off coffee to make it taste like a mocha and the same to the vanilla one too. :)

So theres a few ideas for you to help you with creating new flavours.

Hope this helps to make them more bearable for you.


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