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Just argued with my GP!


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Just been to the doctors as I have strained my back...

He told me that this wouldn't have happened if i had been exercising and dieting!

I informed him I have been on CD for 6 weeks and lost nearly 2 stone. He was aware of the diet but still pushed going to a gym and doing the recommended exercise p/wk....

he was rude and pushy and said he didn't condone the diet and refused to sign my medical form!

Grrr... :copon:
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How rude of him!

If I were you I would be tempted to ask to see another doctor instead! :rolleyes:

Don't let it get you down, that's the last thing you need. The important thing is that you ARE doing something progressive about your weight. Of course it is good to have exercise, but going to the gym is not the be all and end all of it!

Keep going, just change your GP!! ;)


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What a horrible little man, Id go see another doctor if there is one in your surgery.


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Some GP's are flaming igronant!

I posted last week about my GP and how i was an inspiration to him and how he joined CD the day after seeing me.

You can do your back in any size or shape by just sneezing no matter how unfit or fit you are.
I would have had a massive row with you GP if i was in your shoes.

Whatever you do, dont let his comments get you down, you are doing great!.......he is just probably jealous of your weight loss....or like any other bloke - didnt get his leg over last night! ha ha ha chin up!


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What a rude ignorant man. But unfortunately this seems to be most doctors attitude towards overweight people. It has taken me nearly 16 years to find a supportive doctor at my doctors surgery and guess what shes a woman.
I would see another doctor
Being overweight is not seen as an illness by most. Its seen as you being a greedy person who sits on their a** all day eating. Which in most cases is not true.
Keira ignore the rude arrogant doctor. You have done fabulous in losing nearly 2 stones. Some people never have a good word to say.
I hope the back gets better. xx

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