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Eating my way to being a healthy yummy mummy.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Bslim2014, 4 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    (Copied from intro post):

    I've been overweight for most of my adult life apart from about ten months between 2009 and 2010 when I miraculously reached my "recommended BMI" by eating mostly vegetables and using the Wii regularly. Then Winter 2010 brought big changes - pregnancy! A slightly problematic pregnancy where I was signed off work sick and under doctors orders to take it easy. I didn't put much weight on whilst being pregnant. After the birth I sat back and waited for the weight to fall off, which I had heard happens easily if you are breastfeeding. But before long I found that I could not even fit into my maternity jeans and I was soon heavier than I had ever been (around 108kg and ordering size 20 jeans)! Stress and depression had resulted in comfort-eating and little desire to exercise. At the start of 2012 I missed wearing my old clothes and decided to try the Dukan diet and stepped up my exercise and managed to lose two dress sizes.

    Summer 2012, we bought a house that required several months of refurbishing and having to move in with my mum. Trying to stick to Dukan or Keto when I didn't have my own kitchen was too much of a challenge and the weight started to creep back on. I've tried to keep it at a maintenance level since then. Once moved in to our finished house I managed to get a grip, cut the carbs and fit back into my old size 14 jeans. But I definitely feel that I am in that yo-yo dieting territory that is actually less healthy than simply being overweight (there's no way I can cut out carbs over Christmas!) So I feel I've gone as far as I can with low carb dieting, because when I fall off the wagon, I fall hard. Then when I'm not off the wagon, it feels like I'm spending nearly every waking moment trying to perfect low-carb bread, biscuits and cakes.

    That said, I'm now looking into Slimming World as I like the idea of not having to turn my back on chocolate and bread for good. I need simplicity. Joining a group does not work for me at the moment due to timings, so I'm going to give it a try on my own using the books and tips from these forums.
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  3. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Day One

    So today was the first day of sticking to the Slimming World plan. I am using the free 7 day menu that is on the Slimming World website as a loose guideline to start me off. I get my food shopping delivered on a Tuesday and I also received the Slimming World pack of books, so it was a busy day getting to grips with it all.

    I was really excited to unpack all the new foods I had ordered and had to work hard to resist having a little taste of everything :D It's a good job I resisted because when I sat down and read the books later, I was surprised to see how many syns were in foods I had misunderstood to be free or low-syn :eek:

    I thought I may have bitten off a little more than I could chew in cooking the Full English to start off with. I don't usually have time in the morning for such a leisurely breakfast but my daughter had a really long lie in so it all worked out well. And it was so delicious and filling!

    90g Tinned mandarins
    Slimming World Full English

    Steamed salmon, peppers and yams

    Roast chicken, rice and mixed vegetables

    2 x Low fat yogurt
    Two finger Kit Kat
    Fresh mandarin

    My head is spinning a bit from flipping back and forth through the pages of the book to see what I can eat but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it...
  4. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Hi Hun well done on joining and welcome. What plan are you doing and what are you using your healthy extras for just so can advise you if needed :) also count your syns so you know where you are up to
  5. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Hiya, thanks for the welcome. I am doing the Extra Easy plan. As far as I can work out, I used 14.5 syns yesterday:

    Cherry Mullerlight = 0.5
    Rhubarb Mullerlight = 0.5
    Roast potatoes = 2.5
    Gravy from roast chicken juices = 2.5
    Kit Kat = 5.5
    Tinned mandarins = 2
    Low fat spread = 1

    Wholemeal toast = Healthy Extra B

    Didn't have a Healthy Extra A as I wasn't organised enough.
  6. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Ahh that's good using your syns in a variety of things so you don't feel deprived :) I try not to eat much dairy except choc as it does my ibs no good so I often skip HEA don't worry! Looks good, good luck to you :) I do mainly do EE too and green red is a little harder for me I like my carbs haha
  7. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Thank you ACH. Good to know I'm on the right track. Sticking to the right amounts of dairy may be tough for me. I love grating cheese over everything. Big fan of large bowls of breakfast cereal too. I will focus on what I CAN eat though.

    Was a bit worried today when I had some dry grilled chicken to use up. I would normally slaver it in mayonnaise or cream cheese but I wanted to save my syns for a chocolate treat later. I spiced up some fat free fromage frais and low fat cottage cheese with paprika and cayenne pepper and that worked out great with the chicken :)
  8. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Oh and it sounds like I'll be staying well away from the red plan - I'm ready to embrace carbs!
  9. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Mullerlight rhubarb yogurt
    35g Shredded Wheat (HEA)

    Baked potato
    Baked beans
    Cheddar cheese (HEB)
    Philadelphia lightest (3 syns)

    Flame grilled chicken
    Fat free fromage frais
    Low fat cottage cheese
    2 boiled eggs

    3 choc chip cookies (10.5 syns)

    I am not hungry but still tempted to eat more cookies so I might just have an early night.:eek:
  10. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Food diary for Thursday

    Jordan's natural muesli (HEB)
    Coconut milk with calcium (HEA)

    Roasted vegetables

    Chicken Chow Mein from SW website (1 syn)
    Roasted vegetables

    Low fat rhubarb yogurt
    Two finger KitKat (5.5 syns)
    35ml Bailey's (5.5 syns) :cool:
  11. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Food diary for Friday

    Cottage cheese
    Jordan's muesli and coconut milk (HEA and HEB)

    Roasted vegetables

    Chicken chow mein (2 syns)
    Salad and fat free vinaigrette

    Apples and grapes
    Kit Kat (5.5 syns)
    ChocRyvita balls (8 syns)

    Thursday was super easy since I made the roasted vegetables and chicken chow mein. They will last me a few days.
  12. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Food diary for Saturday

    Eggs, mushrooms and cottage cheese with butter buds (0.5 syns)
    Baked beans
    Low fat yogurt and mango, strawberry and banana

    Roasted vegetables

    SW Chips, eggs, cheese and baked beans (Cheese was HEA)
    Mayonnaise (5 syns)

    Caramel Snack-a-Jacks (5 syns)

    Honey and lemon tea (2.5 syns) - was feeling a cold coming on

    Was pleasantly surprised that the Slimming World chips tasted so good. I ate way more than my share but still was below my calorie target. I am totting up the calories on MyFitnessPal just to make sure I'm keeping on track until I get used to the Slimming World rules!
  13. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Food diary for Sunday

    Jordans Muesli and coconut milk (HEA and HEB)
    Low fat yogurt and mango

    McDonalds grilled chicken and bacon salad (chicken was dry and tasteless so didn't finish it) (1.5 syns? Read that somewhere I think)
    Fat free vinaigrette brought from home
    McDonalds small fries (8.5 syns)
    Diet coke (Tasted weird so didn't drink all of it)

    Mixed veg
    Roast chicken
    Gravy (2.5 syns)
    Yorkshire pudding (2.5 syns)
    White rice


    So glad I could take my daughter to McDonalds and not offend my Mum by turning down Sunday Dinner on this diet. Weekends are normally so hard to keep on track.
  14. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    I'm really slacking with copying my food diary onto here daily. I must do it or it will be a slippery slope from not filling in my public food diary, to not filling in my paper food diary, to not sticking to the diet at all!
  15. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Monday 10th Feb
    Breakfast- wholemeal bread roll (HEB), light spread (1), chicken chow mein (1)

    Lunch- Roasted vegetables

    Dinner- Roast chicken, white rice, gravy (2.5), yorkshire pud (2.5), mixed veg, beetroot

    Snacks- Apple, Kitkat (5.5), SnackaJack (5)
  16. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Tuesday 11th Feb
    B- wholemeal bread roll (HEB), Light spread (1), eggs, cottage cheese, low fat bacon rashers, cream cheese (HEA)

    L- roasted veg

    D- jacket potato, baked beans, cream cheese (HEB), butter buds (0.5),

    S- apple, Victoria Sandwich cake (14) (wasn't that nice so didn't finish it)
  17. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Wednesday 12th Feb
    B- normal bacon (4), cottage cheese, wholemeal bread roll (HEB), light spread (2)

    L- roast chicken, mixed veg, white rice, gravy (2.5)

    D- roasted vegetables, linguine

    S- choc balls (4), pineapple pot in juice (2.5), fat free fromage frais, fat free yogurt
  18. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Thursday 13th Feb

    B- muesli (heb), coconut milk (hea), raisins (3), mini quiches

    L- squid cooked in olive oil (6), riced cauliflower, roasted vegetables

    D- mashed potato, baked beans, fish finger (2)

    S- choc balls (8), banana cookie (3), apple, banana, mandarin
  19. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Friday 14th Feb
    B- raw banana and apple

    L- roasted vegetables, lean ham, cottage cheese and fat free fromage frais

    D- pasta, homemade pasta sauce, roasted vegetables

    S- milk chocolate (6.5) pound cake (26) cream cheese (HEA)

    Definitely went overboard on the syns but the cake was worth it.
  20. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Hmm. Really can't bring myself to continue writing out a food diary. Would have been better off starting a weight loss diary. There has been so much going on that writing down what I eat in the SW format seems frivolous/boring. I do keep track of calories in the my fitness pal app as portion sizes have always been an issue for me. So not strictly the Slimming World way as I am weighing and counting more than the plan dictates.

    I am still following the SW plan and slowly losing weight. I just prefer to keep track of the syns in my head. I like to stick to free and super free foods throughout the day and save my syns for eating in front of the telly and unwinding after my two year old has gone to sleep. So I don't have to try and remember syns from earlier on in the day. And I pretty much have my Healthy Extras for breakfast, same basic format every day; 35g of cereal and a milk substitute.

    I have extra motivation at the moment - going on holiday in two weeks time! Would have been nice to have more notice and time to drop a dress size. I don't think I will drop a dress size but I would like to look healthy and not have to worry if I eat too many syns on holiday. The plan is to enjoy the food that is on offer but don't go overboard finishing everything on my plate. That way I can enjoy myself but not undo all my hard work.
  21. Bslim2014

    Bslim2014 Full Member

    Slightly miffed that no friends/family have commented on my weight loss. As well as my 4kg loss on the scales, the tape measure shows I'm shrinking and looking in the mirror I almost look like I did just before I got pregnant. My belly looks almost flat when I hold it in, whereas before when I pulled my tummy in as hard as I could, it still looked fat! And I couldn't hold it in for more than a second or two either.

    But why is no one else noticing? Are they that bored of my yo-yoing that they expect me to put the weight back on again anyway? Or is it that I'm losing weight in a healthier way so the loss doesn't look so dramatic? Doing Dukan and Keto, I would lose weight in my face straight away so it was more noticeable. This time I am noticing the loss more around my middle and not so much in my face which is probably the ideal in terms of health and longevity.

    Anyway, warmer months are coming. Today I went out without a coat for the first time this year. Hopefully as I put away the jumpers and oversize flannel shirts, I'll have a trimmer body that others can't fail to notice.

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