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Just as you think it cant get worse

Well weight loss has kinda stopped lost 2 stone n for the last three weeks just seems to have stuck on top of that what a day got home to find a card put through the door from a pcos saying they want to visit reference our dangerous dog now worried to bits n can't stop crying our dig is very big but has never hurt or tried to hurt anyone he has growled at a couple of dogs on walks n about a month ago a total stranger stopped us to say he had bitten he dog n we had to pay up I thought it was a con but now I am worried someone has taken him seriously why are they such horrid people out there

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Dont stress too much, I'm sure its just a routine thing. If your dog hasn't hurt anyone there's no need to worry, I guess they just have to follow through on every complaint they recieve. I bet they dismiss loads of claims like this every year.


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yep if anyone complains, no matter how truthful they are it HAS to be followed up... If theres no proof of someone being hurt (eg a child being bitten and adm to hospital, or an animal being hurt and adm to a vet for care) then they can't really do a huge deal.

re the weightloss... just try not to worry about it and keep being good like you are, it will come off. Stress can affect weightloss so try to relax :)
Thank you Hannata. You are right but I know he hasn't done nething but now I don't want him to go out at all cos if nething happened he wod be put down, n we contacted them today and we have no opportunity to defend ourselves as they won't say nething about the complaint so I feel they think we are guilty already. I know I just need to keep hope that right will overcome wrong but often it doesn't.

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Please don't worry - it's a routine thing - a neighbour may have complained about it barking - only if you've let if off the lead and it's bitten someone/another dog, in a public place would there be any bad outcome - and the dog warden would be involved, not a PCSO - I work for an organisation that would know - wink wink xx
Thank you but it is the police involved as well n he does go off lead in the park but never out of sight we always walk with a rottie too n they haven't heard nething I am concentrating now on trying to stop him barking when the doorbell goes so he can be on his best behaviour he is such a cuddly boy but he is very big 33in at the withers n still only 18 months old he's a Komondor so can look scary but truly isn't. Thank you tho I am beginning to think we will get through this

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Well animal welfare and police are coming round tomorrow Murray has been accused of biting a dog enough to make a fifty pence hole funny murrays white n I wod have noticed n he is never out of our sight worse thing is Paul my other half for 11 years n the one who walks him most left last Monday n we have to pretend we are happy families tomorrow as well as both want what's best for Murray not sure I can take much more.

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Hope everything goes well in the meeting, I'm sure they cant do anything as there isn't any proof just sounds like your word againts his and I wouldn't of thought they can do you without any.


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Good luck with this stress chick xxx
Well they walked in n said there was another complaint that we were walking him on a lead n he was pulling us n we didn't have control what is wrong with people! If he was on lead he wasn't bothering neone I said it was beginning to feel like we were being victimised but Murray was such a good boy I think he won them round n although if they hear any more complaints they will be back they don't think he is aggressive but it is because he is so big n unusual n hairy n scares people just because of that, i am going to try n train him to wear a muzzle so he can never get in trouble again but for now I am not walking him unless very late at night on the road. So I guess the best we could hope for so I am relieved just think its a shame that people are so nasty. Thank you all for your support It did really help.

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Good to hear it went well, lets just hopw people keep their noses out of your buisness from now on.
Thank u it is a relief I still want to move but guess ur right we would still find people to complain whereva we go. Thank u for your support that's the trouble when u don't have kids the dog becomes your world!

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