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  1. Aimee

    Aimee hiya!

    Hi all im aimee, 18, and got my results back from my scan and blood test on friday and i have PCOS. I have an appointment on wednesday to discuss it with my doctor but im worrying already what to expect with PCOS. I've heard some women can become infertile, and that we're more likely to have miscarriges? :(

    I've got alot of the typical symptoms, excessive hair :cry:massive weight gain in a short space of time (10 stone in 3 years!), bad acne, 1 period a year. Do the medication they put you on help with any of these symptoms? Is it much harder to lose weight having PCOS?

    Sorry for all the questions :eek:
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  3. katy2783

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    Hi Aimee,

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 months ago.

    I have all the symptoms apart from excessive hair!

    I thought nothing of it till 8 months ago!

    In January 2009 i fell pregnant with twins, but sadly lost one at 8 weeks. My son was born at 23 weeks into my pregnancy and sadly passed away aged 5 weeks and 2 days! I was desperate to be a mummy again and started trying soon after ( not to replace my son but to fill the void of being a mummy ) In September I was pregnant again but history repeated itself and i lost the baby at 9 weeks. In May 2010 i fell pregnant again only to lose the baby at 11 weeks.

    When I had my last m/c i went to the doctors to tell them i was worried about it! He put it down to my body grieveing and having gone through so much. He then went on to ask about periods etc and i told him mine are very few an far between anyway. I was sent to th endocrinologist who sent me for blood tests and scans and 7 days later i was diagnosed with PCOS.

    I have been on metformin for about 6 months now - my periods are regular every 28 - 35 days.
    They said that I should lose weight on them but i just stayed the same. I am now on Xenical, been taking them for a week and lost 11 pounds.

    The metformin worked for me with regards to my periods etc!

    If I can answer any questions you have I will try

    Katy xx
  4. mummyburgo

    mummyburgo Member


    I am not on any medication,never been offered any.
    I tried 3 lots of clomid when I was TTC and had ovarian drilling in the end and got PG with my son.

    I have the excess hair,weight (that just wont shift),spots.
    Ive been told its harder to lose weight with PCOS
  5. nutty_tart125

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    Hi Aimee.

    The best thing to do is make sure you ask the dr all the questions you have when you go. I spoke with 5 different drs who all told me different things. I too was extremely worried like yourself.

    through this site alone my mind has been put at ease. lots of women do go on to have babies. i have seen lots of comments that weight loss will help and im sure if your like me this will drive you into working harder. i know your 18 so prob arent thinking about babies yet but thats no reason to wait to try and lose the weight.

    i have about 8 stone to lose to be at my "ideal weight" im lookig forward to being a mummy more than anything in the world. whenever i reach for something bad thats all i am thinking about to have the will power not to do it.
  6. Lexie_dog


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    SW, minimal bread!
    Depends on the meds, theres ones for hair, the pill, metformin.

    Personally I didnt find metformin helped me lose weight.

    Losing weight I do really well on Cambridge diet and also on Slimming World. Slimming World I could lose easily 3 pounds a week.

    Miscarriages more likely or not? Hard to tell, bearing in mind 25% of all pregnancies in women with and without PCOS will end in miscarriage.

    Weight loss wise I find losing weight comparitively easy, I'll get the odd week where it throws a wobbly and doesnt make any sense as to why I've lost, gained or stayed the same, but these things happen to everyone. Not jus PCOS'ers
    I think its the ability to gain weight so easily thats the killer for me.

    Exercise is really important with PCOS as it helps to regulate your insulin production which helps the symptoms.

    Sorry to be a party pooper but I found that diet and exercise helped me more than any combination of meds. However I realise that I cannot speak for everyones experience.

    I know its a terrifying condition when you are just diagnosed, but its not an unliveable with condition.

    Chin up, make a list of what you want to ask the doctor and dont beleive half the stuff you read on the net. :D
  7. Aimee

    Aimee hiya!

    Thanks for the replies everyone. :) I've re joined slimming world yesterday and i'm re joining the gym to help with my weight loss. I went to my doctors appointment today and was prescribed metformin. Fingers crossed the diet, exercise and meds help!
  8. Dietkitty

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    Hi, just watch those green days on SW. Carbs are your enemy when you've got PCOS as your body can't process them as energy.
    Don't worry yourself too much, PCOS can be managed but if you don't get the results you're after keep going back to the GP. I personally find that losing weight takes longer but it's different for everyone.
  9. daisy2002

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    Katy - I'm so sorry for your losses :hug99:
    I myself have had a few losses, stillborn daughter, 4 miscarriages & an ectopic with loss of tube.

    You don't mention it but i was wondering if you've been referred for tested regarding your miscarriages.

    There are so many causes, some more well known than others. After all your losses i would be wanting to be referred to a RMC (recurrent miscarriage clinic).

    I think its pretty poor to put your other losses down to grieving without proper testing. PCOS can be the cause of miscarriages but so can thyroid problems, coeliac disease, vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, low progesterone & nk cells, hughes syndrome .... and there are many more things too.

    I wish you luck.
  10. katy2783

    katy2783 Full Member

    Hi hun, Yeah I have been tested! It is the pcos. After many tests - proding and probing! I may also have an incompetent cervix but they can not do anything till i get to 12 weeks in a pregnancy! Then I can have a stitch!

    I am under so many specialists its untrue but at least they are helping me now! I am going to help myself by losing the weight and then we are going to go from there!

  11. tubbyme11

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    hello im 24 and i found out i had pcos last year after me and my partner were having trouble conceiving i had a Laposcropy and they found i had endometriosis as well, i had no symptoms for pcos apart from being over weight and have trouble shifting it!! they said i wouldnt conceive naturally so i tried clomid for 3 months that didnt work i was referred for IVF but had to loose weight first. i got pregnant naturally and miscarried at 7 weeks i am startig a new diet tomorrow so fingers crossed it will work and fingers crossed i will get pregnant again naturally and everything will be ok :) xx
  12. katy2783

    katy2783 Full Member

    Good luck on your weight loss journey hun. The goal at the end of journey is for me to be a mummy again x
  13. Pepper Mint

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    Hi Aimee,

    I found out I had PCOS about 5 years ago. And for me since finding out it has become easier to deal with and to control all the symptoms. Like someone already said, its a lot more about healthy lifestyle than medication. The phrase "you are what you eat" applies to us PCOS gals more than anybody else. I know that it doesn't seem like it right now, but you are actually lucky that you have found early enough, and the world we live in now actually understands what PCOS is. 10 years ago GPs would need to get their manuals out and ask you how you are spelling it :)

    When I found out I bought this book:


    It helped me cope with all the symptoms, and completely turn my life around. For me, understanding why I was happy one moment and totally miserable the next made all the difference. I spent my 20s being so explosive and loosing friends here and there, not mentioning the facial hair and the weight gain. I understood that by eating well, I will not only loose weight and reduce the hair on my face but also FEEL much calmer and happier most of the time. The peaks and troughs of my moods have become more of a wavy line :)

    I am on Dianette - a contraceptive pill that reduces the hair and my skin completely cleared too. The periods are short, regular and no longer painful.

    What am I trying to say here? Basically for me, realizing that healthy lifestyle was no longer a choice but a necessity - change my life. I went traveling to escape the routine of bad food, TV and misery. I lost all the excess weight by living in the sunshine, swimming, eating fruit and veg, fish and fresh whole foods as much as I could and have become a different person. I have got some of my friends back :) and made a whole load of new ones. By changing your diet and living an active life you will be better off than a lot of people out there without PCOS. It takes a major re-evaluation of your life and some commitment, but all of it is for the better and once you are there, PCOS could be a blessing rather than a burden. For me at least it was.

    I hope you can find the strength and make all these positive changes in your life, if you want to ask about anything else please feel free to message me.

    All the best,
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