Just bit the bullet!!


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Hi hope ur all ok?

I have decided to bite the bullet and just get on with cambridge, i wasn't planning on starting until jan 29th but last night while i was shovelling food in to my mouth i just thought 'this isnt even nive, and i dont even want it'

so i just thought sod it ill do it, took some left over shakes i have left and started today, tbh i cheated tonight at dinner but i wasnt dissappointed i jus said i didnt even like it! its not what i wanted its not filling that gap like it used to before..

so although today wasnt 100% success it was a succes in some ways! Maybe this is the starting point of my actual weight loss!! Yippeeee!!

thanks for reading!!
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Aw, that's really good. Good luck!!


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Good on you!

I think i need to do that too cause im eating rubbish cause my head is telling me i want/ fancy it then not even enjoy it.


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Hiya, well done on starting your journey. No time like the present! Good luck. :D