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Just checking I haven't eaten too much!

I feel like ive eaten too much today but i'm not sure if it's because iv'e eaten so little on previous days?
Breakfast : milkshake
Midday: 100 cal snack
Lunch: milkshake
Tea: Small chicken breast, small portions of peas, brocolli, cauliflower and boiled new potoatoes as a treat I had a bit of mint sauce and gravy (is that OK?)
then I had a small pot of low fat custard which was a 140 cals but I figured that was okay as I missed one of my snacks.

Oh and also when I have my milkshake i've only been putting one scoop in as it's too sweet with two so thats less cals hope thats okay, just checking because this is the first time in days that I have actually felt full! :rolleyes:
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Each scoop of banana shake (the one I just checked) has 69.35 calories in it (380 calories per 100g, 438g in a tub, 12 meals in a tub, two scoops per meal). So you are down by 140 calories each day which is no bad thing, but you are also halving your Slimfast intake of vitamins and minerals which possibly won't be made up in the correct ratios in the evening meal.

Ok, I'm no Slimfast expert, having only started this week myself, but the advice when I did CD was always have all the shakes/meals for the day otherwise you are not getting a balanced diet.

Hmm I know what you mean about feeling full, the past couple of days I've been feeling really bloated. Maybe it's all the veg lol, my body is probably more used to being force-fed christmas cake at the moment and is rebelling :p
Hmmm thanks lunar thats something to think about, their just so sweet with 2 scoops! yeah i know what you mean i am truly missing the tin of roses that are sat downstairs! :p
Bubbles - i make mine with milk and water - not as sweet and you get twice as much!!! ( and a sneaky way of getting some water down me!!)

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