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Just dance for the Wii


Now Maintaining :)
You've just reminded me that my copy of 'Just Dance' has been in my drawer since last week when I opened my Wii console. I haven't even opened it yet! I will have to give it a go tomorrow.


Hippety Hop!
While staying with my daughter she couldn't wait to show me her Dance Wi.
Quite honestly I thought it was pathetic. Apart from the fact that each dance is much the same as the others, it's so slow. I used to do a LOT of line dancing and some of the slower ones were on a par with those.
Aaw thats a shame I was thinking of getting it as a fun workout.
there are some faster/harder ones I love ' i like to move it move it' sooo much fun! I did get frustrated with the slower ones tho, althought hey can be fun like eye of the tiger :D
I picked a copy of this up last week and I have to say its a fantastic way to keep fit, and loadsa fun too! It made me realise how unfit I was, I only did two of the dances and collapsed on the settee! Has anyone else got it?
oooo i so want this game, it looks really fun. Are the songs any good on it? I probs couldnt even do two dances so well done hun lol
I love just dance.. yeah there are some slow song but are fast ones too, surfin bird really works out those bingo wings lol,

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