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just dont think i can do it

S: 19st7lb
hi all well u all know about my blip and cheating last night well ive done it again today i jst dont think i can do cambridge
Im so mad cos i wasnt getting any nasty side affects and felt pretty good on it but i jst miss my food i felt empty and depressed not cooking and having food !!
i was so looking forward to getting on those scales on tue wth a good loss i was soooooooo determined and nw i feel crap
i know i can go back to weightwatcers and do that diet but ts sooooo long and i know i cheat on it as theres pts i spend on crap i jst dont know what to do
I know cambridge isnt for like its like a treatment for a illness so why carnt i do t ?? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

things like going to mums every sunday for luch all of us im jst gonna be there with my shake ?? oh iwanna do it ido why carnt i stick to it

sorry xxx
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dont give up hun you will find something to suit you xx
try one of the other cd plans 790 is good if you need to eat and you still get good loss


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You have bought the stuff now. Could you try aam or 790?


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You have bought the stuff now. Could you try aam or 790?

Lisa honey :)

I agree with Annie here, could you look at doing AAm or 790 just to take some pressure of yourself for a short while?

The worst bit here would be that you fall into that awful cycle (which most of us know) of feeling like a failure so eat.. so feel more like a failure.. so give in and eat more and stop posting.

You CAN pull yourself back and work out a weight loss programme that suits you as an individual. Put down the stick hun and please stop beating yourself ok?

If you can't make a decision tonight which I would guess is pretty likely while you are feeling like this and probably not wise....then....stick around on here, enjoy having a look around the site, look at the Inspirational photos, have a laugh on the joke thread, jump into any thread and have a chat and let us all prop you up until bedtime.

Lacey..xx :D


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Hi Lisa, I am sorry to hear that you feel so bad. Hang in there - you can do it. You have been given some fantastic advice in the replies to your post here - why not sleep on then decide what to do. I always find that decisions made in haste are wrong decisions. Give yourself time then if CD really isn't for you, at least you will know you have given it your best shot.
We ate with our friends tonight. They had a gorgeous roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings. I had a CD vegetable soup! I was VERY tempted - but I was so proud of myself when I got through the meal without giving in!!
I shall still be watching out for you whatever you ultimately decide.
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Hi Lisa

I think we started on the same day (Tues), I have been finding it tough too and I'm still feeling hungry despite being in Ketosis, (maybe I'm not drinking enough water, dunno??).

Its not easy to stick to the diet especially when cooking for a young family, but do try to persevere, give it 2 weeks and maybe a good weight loss will inspire you to keep going.

Good luck for Tuesday, my 1st WI is on Tues too!

Susan x


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Hang on in there lisa, I am struggling too, especially with a 2 year old, who wants to feed me constantly, we all have bad day's, dosn't mean tomorrow won't be a good day, one day at time, hun, you have done brilliant so far, I am on day four and just trying to take it hour by hour! x


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To echo those above - I really think that it would be a shame to abandon cambridge completely because you have been struggling with SS.

In an ideal world we would all have the resolve to do SS and stick to it with no cheating - but then in an ideal world we would never have put on weight in the first place :rolleyes:.

There are pleny of folks on mini's who are having fabulous losses and the some of the other Cambridge steps. Soon To Be Gorgeous has used the 790 plan for about 6 months I think and her average loss over time is pretty much the same as many of those on SS. One of my friends who is on 790 is regularly losing 3lb a week which is equivalent to a stone a month :cool:. Another one of my cdc's, who was a slimmer of the year semi-finalist :clap:, lost all her weight on the 1000cal plan and she lost on average 2-3lb per week.

790/1000 plans would give you back the joy of cooking, enable to to join in with a Sunday lunch (roast chicken breast with veg - you could even use a veg soup packet to make gravy) while still having good losses.

Whatever you decide I hope you find a solution that suits you :).
S: 19st7lb
Hi guys

just had a lovely shower and i feel much better than i did last night ive taken all your comments on board and ive decided that i dont think i can do ss but im gonna give the 790 plan a bash !! i feel posative about it cos it will give me the freedom of eating with my hubby and little girl which i eally missed im just hoping i can still lose about a stone a month on it !
In a perfect world i would be on my own in a ickle house for about 6 months then i could do it !! lol
thankyou so much for all your posts u really are a lovey special bunch of people and like ive said many times b4 ive never known a forum like this one .
So here goes whooooooo 790 all the way ive wrote a big list on the fridge one side all the reasons i wanna be slim other saide whats stopping me "liking food" lol not much comparison the reassons list is soooooo long !!!
so im back on board as of toaday i know i wont lose on wed morning so im gonna class the week after as my first !! lol
takecare and thankyou xx


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If this helps, try and have the three Cambridge and if you need to nibble have bits of protein and maybe at your mums eat a bit of veg and the meat. I find that this way of dieting has meant a slower weight loss but I still feel great and happier


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S: 21st4.0lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.5 Loss: 2st5lb(11.07%)
Well done, Lisa, you are showing real strength in coming to a decision like this. You can do this! I don't envy those of you who have to cook for others and watch them eat. There is only me and Himself at home now so it is much easier - especially as he does all the cooking anyway. You have to be so much stronger than I do for that very reason - and that is why I have found the start so much easier.
I am still looking out for you - I really want you to succeed. Remember you told me that you want to lose weight so you can play with your little girl and not puff and pant all the time. Imagine yourself doing just that - and you will get there. If you can actually vision something in your mind, a goal to achieve, you will have much more chance of achieving it.