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OMG that is amazing, if i could do that i'd be so happy!! Are you doing anything that you think is helping....... extra water -regularly above 2-3Ltrs? or exercising etc etc Any advice would be great! I know i'm gonna get to goal no matter how long it takes but i'd rather it be sooner rather than later lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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WAW!!!!! Well done, that is some achievement...you are doing incredible!


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Thanks both, little miss, my tip is to just think of the end goal and keep going. I do a lot of exercise, run daily, play squash. When you see the weight dropping off you know its for the best and stick to it. Remember we're all different and we all lose at different rates, sometimes i have lost next to nothing and then bang the next week it drops off. Seriously i have never felt so good about my body. I measured last night and have lost a total of 44 inches (10 of which are on my waist). The only downside is clothes, i've bought some really nice ones which weren't cheap and they're getting too big after wearing only a few times, never mind there's always e bay lol. Good luck and stick with it, you will get there xx


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we salute you, well done that's some going


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Welshie, that is truely awesome ! huge congratulations.



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Well done Welshie thats fantastic I remember the issues with the clothes but its a great feeling to be able to shop in normal shops
keep up the brilliant work xx

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Welshie, what a result to have 7lbs down. Well done on reaching such a significant goal of getting 70lbs off!!!! I'm hoping to hit that one next week!! Keep up the fab effort.


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thanks all for your kind words, its a great feeling, got treated to some retail therapy yesterday, bought size 14 trousers, tried on 14 jeans and they were too big but 12 a little small so i'm inbetween, couldn't be happier. Good luck to you all


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Fantastic well done!!!!!


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Wow a big well done from me!


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That's brilliant welshie, well done, not long til you start refeeding eh, bet you can't wait hehe


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Thats amazing! You have done so well! Esp managing to stick to it even after the sts weeks! I hope i have your strength! You have also proved that exercise helps! I am deff going to try and go gym a few times a week to help my weightloss :)