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Just found out my friend has a tumour


Yummy Mummy! xx
OMG, I dont know what to say other than Im really sorry to hear the news, keeping everything crossed the results will be positive news and its treatable and also how fantastic that she has friends like you for support.

Sending big hugs xxxx
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big bear

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Sorry its a brain tumour, she kept having weird fits & headaches so went for tests & this is what they discovered.

She is suppose to be getting married later in the year too. :(


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Wow :(

That really does put everything into perspective :(

Hope your friend gets better xxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks so much, I was moaning about a little bit of morning sickness this really gave me a wake up call to stop moaning all the time about minor things.
you poor thing and your poor friend, i hope you're both ok.

if it makes you feel any better, about 5 years ago we had a call and found out our friend had a brain tumour too, was an awful time. but she's totally fine now. they've never operated and they don't know for sure if it's cancerous or not, but she's on daily medication and they monitor it so it doesn't grow and *touch wood* so far so good, she got married last year and is currently honeymooning in thailand.

try and keep a strong positive outlook and i hope it's all ok x


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Oh dear, I'm sure a lot of people here will be praying for her! Hopefully she'll be fine! I used to work on a neurosurgical ward and we saw lots of people with different types of brain tumour- depending on the type, many people make a full recovery so let's hope she's one of those!!XXXXX
Hey, I am sorry about the bad news, hopefully it will be more positive after tests. My godmother had a brain tumour and they operated on it, I remember her having the staples in her head... it was horrid at the time but that was something like 15 years ago and she has not had an relapses since. I hope this helps you to think about the positives of the future should hold x x

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