Just found out my weight! depression!!


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I've just come back from the chemist, and have lost a bit of the excitement i had for starting LT.

I thought I was about 16 and a half stone but it turns out i'm 17 stone 13 pounds! How the hell did that happen? This is the heaviest i've ever been, guess i'm starting at the right time!

So i've got my 7 choc shakes and 7 chicken soups ready to go, my boyfriend is doing it too, and he got a blender thing called the Magic Bullet, and the cups that came with it hold exactly the right amount of liquid for the shake, so that will be handy and it blends in ten seconds too, good for me as i'm always in a hurry!

So we went to Tesco on our way home, and got our final supper, along with bottled water and a big bag of ice and chilli flakes! roll on tomorrow then I guess!

My boyfiend is really excited i've found this forum, he think this is going to be a great support for me!

I can't wait for tomorrow now! Guess i'll now be so excited in a few days though!! lol

Anyways i've babbled on enough, shall update my progress tomorrow evening when I come home from work.

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congratulations on taking the first steps to being thin.
you will find a lot of information on this site it is excellent.


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Welcome and good luck on your first week!


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hiya and well done for taking the 1st step have noticed you only mentioned 7 choc and 7 chicken just checking you have got 21 shakes? the 1st week is tough hang in log on here frequently as theres plenty of support the wi will be amazing

all the best
xx Sharron


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hey there, wanted to wish you and your boyfriend good luck!

It will be worth it :)


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Hey there, denial/head-in-the-sanditis is what got us all here. Congrats on finally facing up to it.
It will be easier than you think after the first 10 days or so, and then you will start feeling good.... that's my prediction....


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Hey it'll probably only take a couple of weeks for you to get to the weight you thought you were!

Enjoy the last supper and welcome to your journey! X


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Good luck- I started today so will be on a Lipotrim journey with you!
Off to look for the magic bullet! lol!


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How great to have your partner doing it with you i soooo wish my husband was on a diet he eats for England but he is one of those ppl i love to hate who don't put on weight easy ( his not skinney ) but nto over weight sadly so i still have to cook and shop ...i guess with the both of you doing it your winning half the battle

the 1st few days are hard and you think loads about food but do log on here and look at the inspirational slide show it's amazing one day i hope to be on it

good luck try not to be too down about your WI ... and guess what men loss weight quicker than woman so your soon be at your goal


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Wishing you and your boyfriend the best of luck on your LT journey. Keep us posted and remember there's always someone on the forum to offer support

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I think you've taken the first big step, its always a shock the first weigh in! Good luck, this forum is brilliant, we are all in the same boat. Goodluck.XX


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Hi Mark101, check that you have the right number of shakes. Well doen for starting out!


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Hey.. Well done for the first step.. I found that the toughest part admitting to someone (albeit a stranger) that I needed help and then to find out my weight.. Now Im so glad I did it..

As another man on this diet just give me a shout if you need any info.. Ill be a week ahead of u so everythings fresh in my mind


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Hi Sharon, thanks for the wishes.

I'm only allowed 2 shakes a day but they are double the size of womens.

got through today at work great, think this evening is going to be tough though!