Just got back from Morrisons...


MM addict
Well i actually had to go to 2 Morrisons in the end...
My main mission was to get the sausages that everyone is raving about on here...
Guess what , they had sold out!!!
Luckily 10 mins down the road is another one and i got them to ring up and check they had them b4 i went!
So anyway i came across these very low syn crisps...
they're eat smart there're 6 in the pack and they range from 1.5 to 2.5 syns for a pack...
there's pickled onion rings, salt and vinegar fries and bacon waffles!
Havent tried them yet but will have a packet later on...
Im having some sausages tonight though cant wait to taste them!xxx
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i just been to morrisons too and they got weightwatchers thick white sliced bread in a 400g loaf made for them by warburtons!

as some of you know i have been having a love affair with warburtons farmhouse for the last week lol so yay

it 3.5 syns per slice!
but better than the one i been eating!!!!

i might have some and syn it lol then at least i can't use my syns on anything else lol


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i need to take a trip to morrisons lol:)


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They're lovely crisps - not quite full on monster munch or anything, but really nice fro crisp-addicts like me. Only a couple of syns each too, I think!

Mrs V

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I dont have a Morrisons near me either, so I sent my Mother-In-Law on a mission!!! She came back with the sausages too, Ive eaten them before and quite like them...not like Richmonds, but as a free alternative, not bad!!!
I have yet to try the crisps, but will send MIL out this week!! He he!!!


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I just tried the diet cumberland sausages from Morrison's this weekend. Not bad! It's great finding all these new foods to try. It's nice to keep things varied and interesting! :)


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I love Morrisons low fat pork sausages too :) And it's great for meat - they are a really good butchers for a supermarket. Far better than the other supermarkets IMO.


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I love Morrisons low fat pork sausages too :) And it's great for meat - they are a really good butchers for a supermarket. Far better than the other supermarkets IMO.

They are very good for meat but our morrisons butcher gets a rite mush on every time i ask for steak as he has already put some out, but i like mine thick cut so i can have it rare, why say on the adverts they are happy to cut fresh if they aren't? At the end of the day i'm the one spending money so i want to spend it on what i want, not on a crappy thin piece of meat. Sorry for that rant lol.
The low fat sausages are good too, i use them to make sausage pasta (syn free on red using pasta or rice as a heathy extra b) :D


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Good for making stuffing as well with your sunday roast, I mix mine with some of the ainsley stuffing for 1.5 syns - Yum!