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Just got home

its 4:44 i doner some stupid things tonihgt i hate it and i one of the most things i hate is that i bought a big egg sandwich, malteasers and crisps on way home with trident chewies. i feel gulity as hell. i also kissed some REALy hot guy, omg he's so hot, but i'm in love with another guy and "this guy" has a gf who i kno though not fond of. i feel so bad. i kept pulling away but he dragged me off into other directions i feel so guilty i wanna curl up and cry this day aaway and it disappear forever
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Awww. Put the bad things behind you. The maltesers etc won't do any lasting harm, will only slow you down a bit. Pretend it never happened and carry on today with diet. It's a blip that's all :) Think positive and show yourself "I CAN do this" :D

Hope you feel happier today and not so down about the blip

Good luck

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
Sounds like a good night all in all..... probably just not one that you wanted to do when on your diet....

A new week, a new start and a new you...
Hey, you're only young once! When you get to be an old bag like me (41!)you can look back and giggle at your escapades ..... and forget the food - today is a new day!
Thanks everyone! Lol, sorry I was wasted when I sent that.

Can't wait to get back into this diet, but it was a good night I think.

I have to say I felt more guys were paying attention to me last night, and it makes me really mad coz they wouldn't have looked twice before I've lost a little bit of weight, I'm still the same person! They're all obviously only interested in one thing, which sickens me. (sorry to go on there)

Oh well, weigh day tomorrow - good luck me!!!!

How you all doing?? xxx
Haha thanks Mrs Pink, 41 isn't old though! xxx

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