Just had a baby - can she do CD?

Hi everyone,

I finally told some family that I was doing CD. My sister is quite interested in doing it. She had her daughter 6 weeks ago tomorrow :) :) .

I can't find my booklets, but think I remember seeing something about 3 months after a birth. Is this for breast-feeding moms (she isn't)? Or is it just for post-pregnancy women who want to do SS?

Could she do 790 or 1000 for example?

Thanks for you help.

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Back again!

I'm afraid she can't do any of the CD programs until 3 months after the birth of her child and only then if she's not breastfeeding. If she is breastfeeding she still can't do any of the diets.


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I started when the baby was six weeks old and I wasn't breastfeeding.

GP said to diet but not to do any exercises whatsoever. I don't think he knew it was CD though.