Just had Weigh in :)


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Hiya everyone,

i so happy i'v just been weighed & i have lost 5lbs.:)

I'm over the moon.:clap:

I was going to give it up this week if i had lost 2lb again, i no 2lbs is alot but was not loseing any more, i have drank 4 liters of water most days & it's worked for me.:bliss:

i am going carry on drinking 4 liters of water from now on :)

bye for now
maria x x :talk017:
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Woo hoo well done. I only lost 2lbs. Bit disappointing isn't it, but hey every little helps.


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well done maria, that's fab!! glad you are sticking with it!



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Well Done! Keep up the good work


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Get in there!! Great loss - well done, & well done Georgie - 2lb is 2lb! All in the right direction. Don't stop!


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you may have other times when you have 2 lb losses from time to time. don't let that discourage you but develope ways to handle and cope with it to get you through until you start losing big again. I am still working on this but am glad to say that I can see it helping more and more when I have those slow loss times.


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hey wel done, i think il try ot up my water intake as my weight loss has slowed down too, i only manage 2 litres if that! i felt disheartened last week when i only lost 1lb and felt like giving in but then i thought one more week so trying hard this week to loose more than 1lb!!


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Well done Maria, that's a fab loss.

Its great to get the incentive back.



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well done hun, glad that it is working for you :)


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i drank about 5 litres on tuesday and wednesday and because i weigh daily i noticed that i definetely lose more when i drink at least 4 litres as opposed to 2 and a half. keep guzzling!


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well done.

Purple Hugs

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Well done!! :) that's great news, I'm sure the 2lbs are just there to fool us! ;)

Keep up the great work! :)


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well done another 5lb next weeek. x


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My CDC promises the more you drink the more you lose ?