First Weigh in..!!


Hey Everyone!

So had my first weigh in and the results are in..., 🥁 (drumroll!)

lost 4 and 1/2 lbs !!! :scale:

I was worried as scales said only 3lbs and didn't think that was enough. I was all happy and I have chosesn Monday to be cheat to have a treat. Bad idea a ben and jerrys later im feeling really guilty. All that effort in week to eat it all back on in one sitting.

So today i start a fresh, green tea as walk up a very steep hill (20 mins but its a start) stuck to plan all day and I stayed under my syns. If I carry on like today i hope to lose the cheats day foods.

This week target loss 3 lbs!! plus 2lbs form cheats day. (which I will not do again so big learnt lesson!!)