Just had weighing


Need help
Hi Everyone,

I am so happy :) and i want to tell you all that i have just been for my weighing and i am now offically healthy. NOT OBESE OR OVERWEIGHT ANYMORE. :eek:
This diet is the best and when i started i didn't think i would be where i am now. Couldn't of done it without my cd counsellor Linda, Thankyou.
Anyone thinking of giving up, dont because the feeling is great. Well worth the wait.

congrats so what did you loose tonight and overall xx
well done!!! It's a great feeling isnt it!! :)
Hi, :)

I lost 1 stone and 2 pounds tonight. Overrall in 9 weeks i have lost 4 stone and 2 pounds. What was great i phoned one of my friends straight after who has always been lighter then me is now 1 stone more then me. What i result, as i always wanted to look as slim as him.

you did really well ....so you go on to maintenance now ...........congrats susan x
You lost 1st 2lbs in a week? WOW!!!!!!!

I hate men. :D 4stone 2lbs in 9 weeks. Flipping amazing you have every right to be proud of yourself. Well done!!!!!!!!!
Good god almighty Nick, that's fantastic. Well done! 16lbs in a week, over 4 stone in 9 weeks. You must be thrilled.

- Mustdoit - I do like your saying:

a diamond is a piece of coal that did very well under pressure !!
That is a wonderful achievement.

Only you know how good you now feel!

Dizzy x
Well done Nick - fabulous loss ! :D

Well done mate I know exactly how you feel its bloody great.:D
Now for the serious part of the diet.
Make sure you are as dedicated to that as you were, the diet and it will all be Great. I have several friends who tried Cambridge lost a bucket load then stopped and piled it back on.
I wanted to prove them wrong I lost basically the same weight as you in the same time and have stayed in the same general area now for 8 weeks.
I feel prouder for keeping it off than I do for losing it so keep strong mate and go for it.
Blokes are tops at this diet think it suits our make up better than women.;)
so Jason you wear make up????? only joking well done on your loss.......ohhh your mascara is running xxxxxx
Waterproof mascara is so difficult to take off don't you find:p

Seriously though Nick has done great and was so pleased last night when I told him he was now officially healthy.
thanks ..jason .......xx