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just joined - a new start!

Hi guys, I've just registered and am starting slim fast in earnest today. Im going on holiday on 13th April and am hoping to lose about a 16lbs by then - tall order I know! so this is my first week doing it properly. Ive got from 13stone 5 at christmas to 12stone 12lb with calorie control (i was 12stone 9 last week but the boy and I have had an extravagant weekend :s)

just wanted to ask - does anyone miss out the mid morning/afternoon snacks? im hungry now and don't think i'll be able to! is anything at approx 100 calories ok? i am wondering what to have with my cup of tea in a mo!

also - i work in an office and have lunch with my friends each day, i was wondering what people do - do you take a shake into work? we dont have use of a fridge unfortunately so i will probably have to take mine in a flask.

after being on weight watchers for years being able to have a 600 calorie dinner sounds amazing! i usually had about 3 points left come dinnertime!

thanks guys :) :p
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Hi Piggywiggy

I eat all my snacks otherwise there is no way Id make it through the day. Although on the weekends if Im going out I try not to have my snacks so I can have a couple of glasses of wine.

I usually have a shake for breakfast (I use the powder ones) my morning snack is usually fruit then a meal bar for lunch my afternoon snack is usually a pack of snack a jacks or some more fruit then I have my dinner thats usually 600 calories then my last snack is usually something like jelly and banana or a tesco or weight watchers mousse pot or a 2 finger kit kat.

If you want you can always have your main meal at lunch so you can still eat with your work mates.
ooh good idea with the lunch - might be a bit awkward when theyre all having their pizza and im having a milkshake :s i shall have my 100cal snack and a cuppa now, ive decided tea is a my free "food" i cannot restrict it!


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Hi, I don't have any snacks during the day. I have never been a sncker, but I do have a bit more for my dinner if I have done lots of exercise. I have the meal bars, and take them out to luch with me. I have even sat in a pub and eaten one while my family has eaten lunch. lol
I think it took me about a week to not be hungry all the time though. lol
well ive had 2 weight watchers biscuits at 98 calories for both and a big ole cup of tea - i think i'll have lunch at about 1pm and do a bit of wii fit now! oh i am living the dream! working at home is a tough life haha :)


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Hi and good luck!!!! great weight loss so far. i always have my snacks and i have anything upto 100 cals from fruit to chocolate, blue ribbon and breakaways are 99 cals and lovely with a cuppa, i take the milkshakes to work ready made or a meal bar as its easier. xx


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Welcome to the forums Piggy!




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Hi Everyone - a bit new here, and my responses don't seem to be showing up right away? I've been on SF since the end of Jan, and have so far lost 12lb. Yay! Just wanted to say hello, and that I think you are all doing brilliantly. Keep up the good work! You have all been a huge inspiration to me!:D


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Also - how do I add a ticker?
hi girls - nikkinak and piggywiggy....welcome along. I havent been on here that long, but couldnt do it without this board, its great! look forward to chatting to you both some more soon xx


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Also - how do I add a ticker?
Hi nikkinack, if you click on someones ticker it will bring up the website for you to choose what you want.
Then all you do is copy the code and paste it into your signature which you can find under "edit my signature".
Hope thats of some use.
Good Luck!!


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Thanks guys - that's brilliant! Will do it now:) I'm having a couple of sausages, garlic spinach and a couple of small boiled potatoes with hot sauce for dinner. Yum!


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Ok....think I did it! TA-DA! Brand spanking new ticker:)


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Haha! It is very nice:)


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Yours, that is.....haha.

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