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Extra Easy Just joinned this site !

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by luci, 4 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. luci

    luci New Member

    Hi all!!!

    I've just joinned this site . its helped me out a few times when googling syns so i thought id join.

    Ive done slimming world a few times over the years but eventually fell off the wagon or the last time was due to my leg being in a cast. Also done ww but when they chnaged the old way i hated it so left.

    really just wanted to say hi and to see if anyone has any tips for me to stick at it this time ? constantly trying new recipies so if anyone has anything nice to share please do.

    thanks all xxx:p
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  3. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Hi welcome along to minimins. You’ve come to the right place for tips, support and advice. We’re a happy little lot who love to share.

    Although you have done SW before I would say top tips are keep a food diary right from the very beginning as this is what will get you through this and help get the SW plan in your head. Knowing in advance what you are going to eat takes all the guess work out of everything. If things go slightly awry, then you have something to look back on to see where adjustments could be made and if you ask for advice through this platform, it's the first thing we will ask to see.

    Following someone else's food diary on here or looking at the threads what's for breakfast, lunch, tea etc or the many, many recipes will certainly help you to avoid the repetition in your diet and expand the variety of things you can find to eat.

    There are also a number of weighing groups which are either by weigh day and I think there is one for people who follow SW at home, which is good way to share your experiences, spur others along, to feel part of a group and get to know some of the others.

    Finally, I would say trust in the plan it does work. Eat your syns and don’t cut back as it doesn’t work that way!! I’m sorry that I’ve rambled on but I hope that will give you somewhere to start and good luck with everything :D
  4. Kerry_Jo

    Kerry_Jo Member

    Hi. I've just joined this site too and also like you have re started slimming world this time from home after losing a stone and a half last year but have now put it all back on

    I find this site really great so hoping it will keep me motivated. I live at home with my boyfriend who isn't on SW and sometimes find it hard planning meals.


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  5. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    Welcome both to SW & this forum. If you want some recipes then look on this site for "petes recipe book"!
    Good luck.
  6. luci

    luci New Member

    Thankyou all.

    This site has helped me big time so far. I lost another 2lb this week and that was after going out at the weekdnd and being semi good so its a step in the right direction. Its a lovely site and has lots of support i love it , so thankyou xx
  7. Kerry_Jo

    Kerry_Jo Member

    Well done on your loss!!

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