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Just looking at kerry

Wow scrolling through those pictures made me realise how much of a yo yo Kerry is - though partly coz of the pregnancies! Although she is tiny now ive seen loads of pix of her tummy, and her skin seems to of lost all elastisticity unfortunately :(
Wow, she has really yo'yo'd though hasn't she!

At times she looked stunning...

she maybe is a teeny bit too skinny now for her age and having had kids... but i'd die for a body like that!


Carpe diem, baby!
Too thin? How tall is she? She looks okay I reckon, not my cuppa in the looks department, but pretty uptogether body...


Strong women stay slim
Unsure how tall she is , but she looks so much better in fact fab , her tummy has taken its toll , but i guess under the jumper she can hide hehe , me too i'd kill to look like her , but if we work hard we can too !


Carpe diem, baby!
Hmm I said she looked okay before, but in recent pics...ewwww...her face is drawn and it looks like a competition between all the celebs to see who can look the most skeletal (are they all auditioning for some big zombie flick?)...don't forget she is the one bowing to the pressure... no one is forcing her to do this...a few celebs haven't and refuse to, it is her choice to lose the weight and have the surgery...

A good example is of Patricia Arquette (remember how skinny she was when she was younger?) who refused to lose weight even though the tv network bosses or whoever is in charge of making the Medium series asked her to lose the baby weight...she refused and still looks like an average lady (properly cury and normal sized) in size and she is still attractive...
I think kerry looks great now, yes she's had help, but so would I if I could afford it (and Im sure a lot of other people would too)...good on her, I just hope she is happy with herself now...time will tell I suppose...:rolleyes:
She had a tummy tuck to sort out her stomach problems. She has yo-yo'd way too much really and she needs to find where she is happy but I don't think she will as it's not her body she has a problem with really. She has a lot of issues and what she needs is a therapist not a personal trainer and surgeon!

The celeb bodies I admire most are those like Jade, Colleen Rooney, Charlotte Church etc. Curvy and womanly and not stick thin and ill looking
me too. I include Katherine Jenkins. Have no idea why women long to look like 13 yr old teenage boys.:confused:
Because fashion dictates 'we' should. Fashion is dominated by designers who prefer that look.:cool:
I have never bowed down to fashion, I wear clothes that I like and that suit me (I hope!) and I think the fashion industry has a lot to answer for. It's not attractive and it's not healthy and none of these tiny models make the clothes look good. Time to get some size 12/14's on the catwalk!


Gone fishing
Because fashion dictates 'we' should. Fashion is dominated by designers who prefer that look.:cool:
Okay, so who's gonna tell them? Guess one guy at the top of the pile thought it would be a good idea as it would save material when doing the fashion shows.

Nobody had the guts to say "but you've got it all wrong!!!!!".

Guess we will have to...sigh. I vote you break the news to them Cahching :D
I think she's right to aim for 8stone 7lbs. I'm the same height as her and that's the lower ideal range - it's something like 8.5 - 10.5 stone. I'm a yoyoer, and I know when I've gone too thin, sounds like Kerry does too. As for her belly, who cares, she gets airbrushed, unlike the rest of us!

Thanks for posting, was interesting to see.

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