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Just lost one lb...

Sorry posted it too soon by mistake. Just had my second weigh in on sole source. I have not cheated at all and stuck to it carefully despite massive temptations. I lost 8lbs in the first week. I have been drinking lots of water every day apart from yesterday.
Hi Hercules,,,it could be many things, sorry can't tell by your username if your male or female,,,I'm guessing male (soz if wrong) it could be your body holding on for its life to its fat stores, as it might have seen you crash dieting before so its gone into starvation mode,,,9lbs in two weeks is still excellent, I know its disheartening but you've got to look a the bigger picture, next week you shold have a huge weight loss, and Cambridge say that it averages out at 14lbs a month, so I say stick with it and see what next week brings...

Good luck x x
I'm a woman :D . I can see why you thought I might be a man!

I can see a difference in my body and my clothes just not on the scales. I did slim fast for two weeks before this and lost 5lbs during those two weeks prior to CD.

I havent crash dieted for years.

I am drinking 21/2 litres as recommended. Maybe I need to drink more?

i'm pretty active two with two dogs to walk. I just hope it's better next week. I cant help thinking I could have stuffed myself on slimming world and maybe lost more this week although I know it wont have been as much as my total two weeks.
Ha Ha sorry Hercules,,,well that means you've actually lost a stone already,,,so thats brilliant,,are you coming on, cuz sometimes the body retains water around TOTM,,have you much to lose to get to goal,,there are so many different reasons, its actually week 4 for your body to be dieting so the weightloss does slow down after the initial first weeks,,as ya can see if you look down at my signature, they're the losses I got and I was 100% Sole sourcing,

Anyhow your head seems to be in the right place so that great,,half the battle is getting the head to follow the heart and not the old habits LOL..:)
I shouldn't worry too much hun, it will soon settle down and sort itself out. I lost 11.5lbs the first week I did it, and then was gutted when I only managed to scrape 1.5lbs the second, after that it was regularly 3 -5lbs a week. Keep glugging the water. I think most people try for at least 4litres, but I tend to use pints, and the most I can manage is about 6 - 8 a day.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the really nice replies:)

I had 3 1/2 stone to lose so have got 2 1/2 now to go.
I think I need to up my water intake it seems most people are drinking more than the 2 1/2 in the book.

Thanks again :) :)

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