Just one week of bingeing, and 4.5 lb piled back on!!


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You can do it, i've just started i'm on my second week, did have a break for xmas day and yes i'm with you for the next few weeks, there is a valentines challange thread somewhere you might be interested in.


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4.5 lb is not bad hun most of that will be water and be off as soon as your back on the wagon .
Get your mojo back out climb back on the LT train and hold on xx

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I'm on second day after a month off! I think I've put on 3-4lbs but hoping on tues weigh in I'll have lost that. You'll soon lose that going strict on lipotrim, thats what I'm trying, but got first week struggles.:sigh:XX


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deflating! im with you on that. My future in laws are coming to see me at the end of January and I really really wanna lose at least another stone by the time i see them!


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:):)Dont worry I was a little naughty on Christmas day,then weighed myself on boxing day and had put on about 5lb went on Saturday to get weighed and get it over with and was astonished to stay the same.
The lady who weighs me said it would have just been water and next week I might lose a week and a halfs worth.:):)


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Don't worry. Mandy is right....most of it will be water and I bet it will be gone after a week.

Get straight back on the diet and you'll be fine.


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The best thing to do is see it as a little 'blip', get back on the lipotrim waggon. I've just started so being really strict with myself. I keep thinking that the more I cheat the longer it will take me.


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thanks guys, good to see there's some others on this bumpy wagon.

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I know how you feel i know i gained weight over christmas.. but most of it will be water so will be gone before you know it.. Just need to be strict now as i do. Good luck and keep us posted.
Donna x