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Just out of curiosity ...........

Can you add salt and pepper to the Chicken Soup?

(Not that there is any chicken in it, I think the van that delivers from the Lipotrim factory, drives past Bernard Mathews, the driver winds down the window as he goes past. The smell goes into the back of the van and thats it .....they called it "Chicken Soup" )
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I used to, didnt affect me at all but made the soup a bit edible.... hth :)
salts a big no no as it soaks sumet up in our bodies (havent got a clue what lol) but it makes us put weight on. i have always added pepper to my soup and still had great weight losses last time. occasionally i add a few chilli flakes as well just to be daring! :)
I was explicitly told not to use salt. Water retention issue, I believe.
I think the reason we have to stay so rigid about what we add to stuff is also because our palattes(spelling?) are being cleansed.
If you add anything to teh shakes it could hamper that. Also salt causes fluid retention, most likely in larger doses than you're adding but I would think it's more important to go without it so you won't want it much when you return to regular eating.
That's just my opinion tho.
Oh well..... thats clear ! lol
Looks like I better not, rather than risk it !
i have put them in quite a few times and always had good weight losses, dont think anything is actually allowed as such but they dont seem to do any harm.
bought some Chilli Flakes today after reading your posts,now just need the chicken soup
I like my soup sometimes with a sprinkle of oregano or a half spoonful of curry powder. As everyone else said salt is a no no! I put pepper in once but didnt find it made much difference.

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