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Just rejoined slimming world

I've just hauled my sorry butt back to slimming world, and am now on my third day of the first week. Lost 10lbs in my very first week with them years ago but i'm older now and nothing is as easy as it was, i would be really happy to lose 4lbs...any other newbies? I've dug out my swimsuit and am heading off to local pool tonight cos its 2hours ladies only swimming...brave aint i?

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Hi ethyl, Im only 3 weeks in, 10lbs is ALOT but 4lbs would be great, Im pleased with my slow but steady weight loss so far so stick at it, Im only 3 weeks in but still nearly half a stone lighter. Good luck swimming, your braver than I am!


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Welcome to the forum and welcome back to SW. I have been here a while and done SW for 4 years but I also still have a long way to go.
Hi, I am a newbie. Have just joined SW - did it once before but only lasted a couple of weeks as I just craved sugar!!! Did mainly green and found it bulked me out. So having another go but doing mainly original days (dont really eat bread or potatoes much anyway)

Would love to hear some ideas from you all

Hallo everyone !
So far not too bad, had a bbq on saturday...which didn't go quite as i had hoped... i did eat a few of the wrong things BUT i didn't lose control completely I'm relieved to say !
I chose an original day and stuck mostly to the right food, even made my own burgers, but tripped up with the french bread and cheesecake for afters!! Oh and i had a shandy..so i rekon if i say 50 syns for that day it will cover me as a flexible syn day??
Anyway the swim was lovely and i'm really glad i did it, hoping to again this week some time as my hip which has been playing me up quite badly for 2 weeks is showing signs of improvement :)
Feeling positive so far and sending positive vibes out to u all xx
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BBQ's are excellent for Red days, but I find I do need to be prepared with wholemeal rolls otherwise I can't keep away from the french bread!

I've not yet found anything to keep me away from the cheesecake though!


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Hi Ethyl (thats my nan's name, except she's Ethel!) Anyway, I started SW the wed before last, after having reached goal at weight watchers, given up and seen the weight start to creep back on. I lost 4lb in my first week, so fingers crossed for you. Let us know how you get on :)
Hi all!!!!!

Got my first weigh in tonite so keeping everything crossed. Have been doing red and enjoying it much more than last time and I dont crave sugar which is a result. Will be back on lata and let you know how i did. not expecting much as *week this week.
Hallo All !
My first weigh in today and am thrilled to say I have lost 4lbs!!
I went swimming again and did 30 laps, did 20 on monday evening and 10 on friday so thats 60 this week so far !! Am feeling very positive...bought some scan bran today at club cos it helped me last time, bit gross but managed to eat 3 of them today, they not too bad with lots of wet type topping, i had choed tomatoes and they are soo filling

Hope u are all having a good week
Hi i joined slimming world 6 weeks ago

Hi i joined slimming world again 6 weeks ago and since been told i have Kidney disease back in December have troubled with the effects of my medication and water retention ever sine. As you can see I am actually 1 and half pound heavier than when i started as i am up and down - but feel positive and after loosing last week , hope to loose again today ( as its my weigh in ) and i am friends with Ethyl and hopefully we will be going swimming again together this week which really puts me in the right frame of mind as well as helping my water retention. Fingers crossed !! url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/w4dPubB/]

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Hi Fairydust, welcome to the forum, sorry to hear your kidney disease is preventing you from losing weight. You will find all the support and encouragement you need on here x
Well after last nights weigh in i have now lost 1 and half pound - at least im going the right way now .


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