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Just started Slimming World

Hello everyone,

I was never thin but stayed the same weight from the age of 19 until last year (34) and had a bit of a shock at the reading on the docs scales last week.:wave_cry:

Since moving towns and being made redundant and out of work for a year and also getting married my weight has ballooned.

We are going to Glastonbury festival for the first time this year and I want to be fitter and healthier so I can get the most enjoyment from it.

I have been struggling a bit to get used to the SW diet but am getting there, I hate most fruit and hate yoghurt, I made the speed soup from a recipe on here but it turned out foul, made the watercress soup with more success, am trying to fit in more Super speed free foods and am doing better this week than last.

Also starting a new job next week which should help as I will not be sat at home with access to the fridge, also the job provides free fruit all day and a free healthy option for dinner, no idea what it will be till I get there (Ikea)

This looks a great forum and thank you for having me.
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Hi rootsfran,
Good luck with sw. I live on soup for lunch but tend to just use ordinary recipes although do like the sw ham minestrone one and I love the speed soup! I did omit the parsnips though and added a couple of chillis, also put kidney beans in but didn't see those on one of the recipes I looked at. I have found it very easy so far as have just been tweaking our usual meals. I can highly recommend the extra easy cookbook if you enjoy making your food rather than ready meals, it's packed full of a great variety of recipes.
Good luck.
Hey rootsfran
I noticed we have literally both started off at the same weight and both have the same goal weight. I'm finding SW really good ive never ate so much (freefood) just missing my sat nights of a curry and beer :( tried the sw curry recipes and i hated them. Any way good luck for both of us getting to our goals!!! :)
Just wanted to say hi! Im new on here and only started sw last week so Im getting to grips with it too! Best of luck with it, Im sure I'll see you around the site! xx
First day of job exhausting and scary, glad it is over, dreading tomorrow.

Wi tonight 4lb off though so pleased with that.
4lbs thats fantastic! Well done xx
Struggling this week, life and new job and sad loss of pet and husbands birthday, all excuses but need to get back on the waggon.
Really sorry to hear you lost your pet, that's really sad news.

I just wanted to say hi and give you some encouragement. I started SW 5 weeks ago and so far it has been good. I wish you the success you deserve :)
Well the job was horrible and I gained 2 and a half pounds due to anxiety and stress, it is finished now so back to being a house wife and have already ditched the gain so am back on the waggon and 15 stone 13 pounds, determined to loose more than two pounds this week and get my half stone award.

Need to learn to love fruit! and get some excersise.

Discovered ryvita thins, multi seed ones are 2 syns each and delicious, satisfy my savoury nibble cravings .
Back on plan 100% now, and yesterday I joined a local walking group, only one a week and beginners level but I was somewhere in the middle throughout the walk so something to aim for to keep pace with those up front.

Need to find another form off exercise or activity now though as once a week is only a start.

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