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Just started. Wish me luck!

I followed Rosemary Conley who does a kickstart month - two weeks of 1200 then two weeks of 1400 and then according to your weight / height a basal metabolic rate. For example I weigh just over 12st and mine is 1618 cals per day. I'm thinking 1000 sounds too low. Have u got iPhone or computer? A lot of people use myfitnesspal to log calories and exercise it's really good. Good luck x

The Moog

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Most people would say it's too low. There's a sticky post on the topic, if you want to read that.

I'm a fan of listening to each individual body's needs. Some people do have slower metabolisms and some don't need as many calories. I totally believe that not one size fits all as far as calorie counting goes.

You may well be better off eating more calories and seeing how it goes to start with. It's likely that you'll find that easier to keep off in the long run as well. Try upping it and see what happens across a few weeks.
After reading all the advice I've found on here (which is very useful and informative I might add) I was initially struggling to eat 1200 calories a day and mainly averaging 1000 to 1100 a day. I started my diet in February and have been loosing in the main 1 lb a week, so thought I'd alter my intake to 1200 calories a day, plus eat my exercise calories to try and increase my loss. I've eaten 1200 calories for the past week and have actually put on a pound, which is very disheartening.
I agree with Moog, one size doesn't fit all. I think 1200 is recommended as the minimum because it gives a good chance of getting in all the nutrients you need if you are reducing your cals without supervision and support from someone qualified. If you are going below it might be a good idea to get support from a nutritionist to make sure you're not missing out on anything.

Look at Moogs diary, she is doing fabulously on a supervised very low calorie diet, and eats a yummy sounding variety of foods on a very small calorie limit.

I was eating too little and hit a plateu for 8/9 weeks at 15 stone, when I increased my cals I had an initial gain, but now I'm back to losing again nice and regular like I used to. Plus people on here will tell you that I'm much less grumpy now I'm allowing myself a few more cals. Plus plus now I'm using myfitnesspal I've figured out that on days when I do exercise I can eat even more, and that has made me over joyed!!! lol!!!

Good luck. xxx
Hi all, thanks for your advice it's very helpful. I'm 24, 5ft1 & weight 9st. My fitnesspal says 1400 cals a day. I think I'm pro Gona try bout 1100/1200 and see how I go. I'll let u no x
I'd up your calories a little bit, see how it goes and then you can drop it down in response to your weight losses if it's not having a big enough change (although obviously you don't want to lose weight too quickly).

Putting 1lb on here and there doesn't necessarily mean that you're eating too many calories. We all weigh different amounts at different times of the day and there are other factors involved. To put on 1lb of fat you'd need to have consumed 3500 more than you needed over the time you put that weight on, it doesn't sound like that's the case so it's probably just water and don't be disheartened by it :)

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