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Extra Easy Just started!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by NomNom13, 7 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. NomNom13

    NomNom13 Member

    Hi all!

    I'm Emma, I've just started on Slimming World. I'm doing it from home as there are no clubs around me! (The USA is devoid of them other than in Texas, it seems).
    A bit about me - I'm a UK expat, moved to the USA about 5 months ago, and really want to lose this weight before summer, because I want to look good and feel healthier.
    I used to follow Weight Watchers until recently, and had done very well on it over the course of 11 years (yo yo dieter, plus 3 pregnancies, hence the long time it's taken me to lose weight!) and then I got a bit fed up when the scale got stuck, so I decided to have a complete overhaul and change to Slimming World!
    I think I have a fairly good idea of the plan, and I look forward to this year being the year I finally shift the bulge as well as healthy eating education.

    So that's me, hope to talk to you all soon!

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  3. Lisaberry

    Lisaberry Silver Member

    Wow, Kansas, what is it like there?
    im always quite jealous of people in America as there seems to be so much more variety when it comes to food (good and bad though)
    Good luck with SW, I bet you will do great!

    Lisa xx
  4. NomNom13

    NomNom13 Member

    Hi Lisa!
    It's pretty good, but cold right now. I'm having to get used to a whole different way of cooking, different tastes, and then a different diet for me too, so it's a complete overhaul of everything I've known lol.
  5. KellyC

    KellyC Member

    Good luck! Sometimes a change is just what you need!
  6. NomNom13

    NomNom13 Member

    Thanks Kelly :)

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