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Just starting out!

S: 22st6lb C: 19st5lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 43.7 Loss: 3st1lb(13.69%)
Hi all,

I am 2 days into CD SS and a friend of mine (Cankster) who has just lost a shed load on LT recommended this site. He said it is a valuable source of support and advice.......something I think I'm gonna need heaps of! Anyone who has any good tips that they think will be helpful for me to help me get through the next few days whilst my body adjusts would be gratefully received. So far I am making sure that I am drinking plenty of water and avoided any headaches.

Nelly x :)
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:welcome: to minimins. your friend was right lots of support and advice here :) you will be in ketosis soon so will take the edge of the hungar pangs, just drink plenty of water hun, keep yourself busy, go for a walk, clean up, hoover whatever just keep away from food because once your get week on wi over you you will be soo happy and it will motivate you more ;)
x x

Serena A

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S: 14st12lb C: 8st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 6st0lb(40.38%)
Best of luck with CD, remember that the first few days can be bad but once you get through them and see the weight fall off it gets a lot easier x
S: 17st13lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 5st7lb(30.68%)
Loads of luck on your CD journey. Once you have your first weigh-in and see the results you will be sooooooo happy.
I have just finished my first week and i can say that it was not that bad for me.
Drink as much water as you can

Best of luck xx


Trying to stay healthy!
hey nelly, welcome to the site and the world of cd'ing.

Good luck on your 1st week!!


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hi and welcome my advice is just take things one day at a time ..ive learnt that the last couple of weeks..and good luck on your weight loss journey xx
Hello Nelly,
I am just finishing week 2 on CD SS, and now I am into it I feel fine. It does become a habit and takes the pressure off thinking about what is good to eat or not. I try and spend as little time in the kitchen now and have been out walking most nights to bridge the gap between home from work and bed. Good luck with it, and look here as much as you can, post questions and you will get great replies full of support and friendship.


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Hi Nelly

I've just finished Week 2 and lost one whole stone!! I am sure if you can get through week one and see your huge weightloss are your first weigh in, things will improve for you immensely. (I lost 10lbs in my first week).

My top tips - you must by the Berry flavouring for the water - actually makes drinking it an absolute pleasure rather than a chore.

Buy the porridge which is great for breakfast, tastes great, really fills up up and if you eat it with a teaspoon and savour it, you can make it last for ages lol.

Also, try and get a mix of shakes and soups too, so you can vary your daily diet. I try to do porridge for brekky, shake for lunch and soup for dinner.

Good luck and look forward to reading an update once you have your first weigh-in.

Welcome Nelly,
I am on day 2 of Sole Sourcing (just hoovering house for England), just as the girls all say keep busy drink water and get lots of interesting reading material. Let us all know its going, keep in touch. Best of luck,
Newbie too!


I'm in my 2nd week of SS now, and am settling in nicely! The first week was hard, but I'm finding it a bit easier this week. :D

I lost 4lb my first week and I'm hoping to do the same again this week. It's been great reading everyone's posts on the forum, maybe if I'd discovered this before I might have not been so scared about starting the diet!

S: 22st6lb C: 19st5lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 43.7 Loss: 3st1lb(13.69%)
Hi all,

Thanks for all the support, advice and for the good luck wishes.

I'm a little worried cause so far its been relatively easy and I haven't felt that hungry. I even sat in burger king today with a friend and drank my shake and a black coffee whilst she tucked into a whopper and chips!

I still have one shake to have this evening and not feeling hungry yet. Sparkling water is a wonderful thing for filling u up!!

Nelly :0)
S: 22st6lb C: 19st5lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 43.7 Loss: 3st1lb(13.69%)
Help!!!!!!! I thought things were going too well!

Yesterday I had terrible trouble drinking my shakes. Every mouthful was a real problem to swallow and for quite a while after drinking it I felt very sick!! I'm not sure if it was because it was a very stressy and emotional day - I have a very very poorly relative and took my turn sitting with her at her nursing home yesterday afternoon or because I can't stand the thought of drinking another shake.

Any suggestions as to how I can get over this?

Thanks x
Have you tried having some warm?? or if having them cold put some ice cubes in when you blend it so it's colder? I know those tricks helped me and only choosing flavours I liked instead of forcing the ones I didn;t like down. Hope that helps.
Sorry to hear about your relative, I'm sure that won't be helping you as obviously you'l be stressed and anxious. :)


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water them down more honey. or split them in half and have 8 watery ones. the sicky feeling is usually due to the concentration of nutrients and i struggle with it from time to time and more water is the answer to that one. i also like taking half a tetra and sticking it in a mug and adding hot water so it's like hot chocolate and have two of those. and i like freezing the tetras too so it's like ice cream :D

abz xx
S: 22st6lb C: 19st5lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 43.7 Loss: 3st1lb(13.69%)
Evenin all!!

Just recently back from my weigh in and after a week on SS I have lost 10lbs!! :D

To say I am happy is a understatement. It has all been worth it.

Nelly :party0049:
S: 31st3lb C: 14st4lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 16st13lb(54.23%)
welcome to the site. I only started CD this morning first attempt and I have been using this site for a few days and found it really useful and inspiring
Well done Nelly

I am about to embark on either CD or LL, havn`t made up my mind exactly which one yet, only know that it will deffinately be one or the other as I `ve got to tackle my weight problem. The forums are great and I am finding out lots so make use of them and keep up the good work. You can do it.


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